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Recruiters Standing With Ukraine Katrina Collier

Recruiters Standing With Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine On Friday one of our own recruitment community, Anastasia Yalanskaya, was killed delivering aid...

Are recruiters unicorns

Are Recruiters Unicorns Now?

Or are you just being too picky? 🤷‍♀️ Unless you have been under a rock, you will either be receiving countless...

Recruitment Isn't Broken

Recruitment Isn’t Broken 😳

But TA has a big perception problem. Confession: I stole Recruitment Isn't Broken from Ken Ward's talk (watch it...

Zuzanna Santos: The Secret Sauce Katrina Collier

Zuzanna Santos: The Secret Sauce

After seeing an empathetic post from Zuzanna Santos, assisting the people coming in to interview with her, I asked...

Kay Epps

Kay Epps: Shared Responsibility

At the end of this conversation, you'll know why I was excited to speak to Operations Director, Kay Epps, after...

Suzanne Wolko

Suzanne Wolko: Mind The Gap Bias

Suzanne Wolko is a fabulous Financial Services Executive with experience in Finance, HR and Operations, and a...