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by | Oct 27, 2020

Aligning the hiring community and resourcing

 We welcome Ben Gledhill to the show. If you know Ben, you’ll know he actively contributes to the wider conversation about recruitment and talent acquisition on Twitter. On this week’s show, he joins us to talk about the resourcing give and get. A principle he has developed when creating a resourcing playbook for his current employer. We’re intrigued to learn more…

Ben opens, and immediately reiterates the responsibility of all resourcing teams.

He tells us, “we really are the gatekeepers to people’s careers” and “how do I want my parents or my friends and loved one’s dealt with”.

Equally important, we focus on the fact that he has recently decided to accept the Head of Resourcing role on a permanent basis with his current company. Why was the challenge so appealing?. 

He says, “they want to look at resourcing and the capability, what’s the service we deliver”. “I don’t like using the word fix, because it’s almost as if you fix it, it’s job done. It’s more, we’ll move things, we’ll change things, we’ll turn the volume up and down”.


The Resourcing Playbook: the Give and Get model

We asked Ben what the catalyst was for his ‘give and get’ playbook. With this in mind, he says “it was very very clear we needed to build some bridges between hiring (Hiring Managers) and the people responsible for maintaining the hiring engine, which is resourcing”.  As a result, the Resourcing Playbook was then designed and it became the unofficial contract between the Hiring Managers and Resourcing.

Ben then goes on to define the unofficial contract. He says, “it was a document and a mantra of ‘this is how resourcing will work’. ‘We’re removing a lot of the barriers in terms of how we find candidates’ and we’ve really dug deep into D&I.” He goes on to say, for the Hiring Managers, “for us to hire world-class leading talent for you, we need this from you and this will be a live and organic document that people can take to briefing meetings”.


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Ben talk about:

  • What we need from our Hiring Partners
  • EVP vs PVP – Employee or People Value Proposition
  • D&I – it’s not a ‘tick box’ exercise 
  • What is a Candidate Attraction Ecosystem?
  • Setting your Service Delivery levels
  • Securing Hiring Manager community buy-in  

 Watch or listen below.

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