Iris Kroonstuiver: Balancing Inner Gender Roles

by | Apr 1, 2021

As soon as I was introduced to Iris Kroonstuiver, I knew it was going to be an amazing conversation. It is. Grab pen and paper and settle in, because you won’t want to miss a moment.

Of course, Iris is an exceptional hiring leader because she was referred by Alla Pavlova! You’ll hear great tips for partnering better with recruiters and the lessons she learned as she grew into the role of hiring leader. It is also inspiring to hear how she created her latest role at GameHouse! Today she advises the CEO and hiring managers on company culture, diversity in hiring, the benefits of a transparent recruitment process and more.

But I also had to delve into what it’s like working in the male-dominated gaming industry, even though 46% of gamers are womxn, which didn’t quite lead where I expected it to. Iris instead shared the benefit of embracing feminine and masculine energy and how that leads to great creativity and diversity of thought. Rather than let me attempt to explain it, grab your headset 🎧  and hear it first hand.

It is a fascinating view on the topic! Consider it a 32-minute investment into your talent acquisition! 🧡 

You will, of course, find Iris Kroonstuiver on LinkedIn, be sure to let her know you heard her here!

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