HR fires ‘people person’​ recruiter!

by | May 4, 2022

Intimidated CHRO fires dynamic TA professional

If you know me, even solely by reputation, you will know that if I say someone is dynamic then they are the kind of person you should be chomping at the bit to hire. And I may accept bribes via my DM for their name. 😉

Because this person is a very talented recruiter and team lead.

Loved by her team, candidates and hiring managers alike.

But undervalued in every possible way by the CHRO who, quite frankly, is foolishly not supporting the people responsible for hiring, which is so shortsighted.

Because if HR are the people who look after the people and TA are the people that bring in the people… surely recruiting better people reduces HR’s workload? 🤔


Should more recruiters get themselves fired?

This will shock few: I’ve been fired several times and it always led somewhere better! 💪🏻

I would love to see more recruiters getting themselves fired by companies where they are unappreciated for pushing boundaries for all the right reasons! And I’d like to see them getting hired by a company that gets the importance of talent acquisition.

Because, there are TA & HR leaders out there who totally get the importance of a fully supported and optimised people function. They are the ones bringing me in for a workshop. They are the ones investing in their teams and making their recruiters better than themselves. They are the ones wanting to be replaced by their team.


How to get fired when your TA skills are being wasted

1. Stand up for yourself

You are not the company doormat! You are the welcoming committee. Be proud of the work you do; it is critical to the company’s future.

Know that not everybody can do your job even though, unlike any other profession, everyone thinks they can do recruitment! 🙄 You are involved in connecting humans for work. And the humans are full of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and are unpredictable.

Sit up. Shoulders back. Demand partnership.

2. Set boundaries

As I have written about in an earlier post, talent acquisition is a relatively new function and for too long it has been seen as a service, support or cost centre. So when you stop being a doormat and start setting boundaries, people won’t like it.

But boundaries are everything! And if you want to be taken seriously as the professional recruiter you are, start setting them. Stop thinking it’s ok to be a people pleaser. People pleasing is not ok when you work in talent acquisition.

Instead learn to set boundaries from one of the best. I worked with Michelle Zelli to heal my childhood trauma and without our work and some serious boundaries, I wouldn’t be 1/10th of the person I am today. (Follow Michelle on Instagram for more)


C-suite: TA is a vital part of your company.

Your recruiters bring in the people who decide the fate of the company, win or lose.

Don’t fire them if they intimidate you! Learn from them. Understand them. Promote them.

And question any CHRO who fires your TA pro for doing their job with passion & determination!

Originally posted on LinkedIn as part of the Recruitment Isn’t Broken newsletter.


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