Reboot Hiring: The Key To Managers and Leaders Saving Time, Money and Hassle When Recruiting

New from the Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter.

Managers and leaders, technology won’t fix your hiring. But you can.

People want an easy fix. They want to believe that technology will provide an effortless way to reduce the cost and hassle of talent acquisition. They think they can automate it because they assume it takes little more than an interview to recruit successfully. Some are so blissfully unaware of what it truly takes to hire great people that they also believe prospective employees will willingly hand their career to an emotionless bot.

But people are peculiar, fabulously so, and recruiting them isn’t straightforward.

In Reboot Hiring, I offer an alternative based on my 21 years of experience: a free solution within your control. I will show you that implementing technology without fixing human-created problems already hinders hiring. I will agitate your reality and show you that fixing these human issues is the only way to save time, money, and hassle when recruiting.

The choice is yours.


Reboot Hiring will be published by Wiley in August 2024

In 7 chapters, you will learn all you need to know to save time, money and hassle when hiring. It is jam-packed with stories, examples, and input from talent acquisition professionals worldwide.

Of course, it was written without generative AI, with the same forthright Aussieness you would expect; I don’t want to waste your time! It is as gritty a manual as The Robot-Proof Recruiter, and I cannot wait to hear what you think.


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