Reboot Hiring: The Key To Managers and Leaders Saving Time, Money and Hassle When Recruiting

New from the Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter.

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An incisive, practical guide giving managers and leaders the principles to elevate hiring processes—a fix within their control, today.

Even today, managers and leaders can be unaware that their actions impact current and future hiring because people post openly about their experiences online. Bogged down in the day-to-day, recruiting loses priority due to time, team and project pressures. Though it should help, AI won’t solve the collaboration and communication issues creating clunky, expensive, and wasteful talent acquisition processes.

In Reboot Hiring: The Key To Managers and Leaders Saving Time, Money and Hassle When Recruiting, author Katrina Collier gives managers and leaders the knowledge to reset their thinking and reboot their hiring. You’ll also hear tips from 60 expert recruiters and find:

  • Forward-looking prompts to help describe the hiring need.
  • Steps for a time and energy-saving recruitment experience.
  • Critical considerations for assessments and interviews.
  • Tips for online profiles that modern applicants expect to see.
  • An easy checklist and inspiration to encourage readers to reboot their hiring.

In the distraction and transparency created by over 5 billion internet users, managers and leaders must know who they need to hire and partner effectively with talent acquisition to succeed. Reboot Hiring gives you the missing pieces of the puzzle and is invaluable to all managers and leaders wanting to save time, money and hassle when recruiting.

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Of course, Reboot Hiring was written without the use of generative AI! It is as gritty a manual as The Robot-Proof Recruiter, but specifically for the managers and leaders in your business. And I cannot wait to hear what you think.

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