I love having somewhere to be super opinionated (and helpful!) about all things recruitment and talent acquisition. 😆

Here on the blog you’ll find the Recruitment Isn’t Broken newsletter, show recordings of Hear The Talent People with Glenn Martin, interviews in the series Let’s Talk Human-First HR Tech, summaries from The Hiring Partner Perspective podcast, podcast interviews I’ve been invited onto, and reruns of The #SocialRecruiting Show with Audra Night & Glenn Martin. 

AI Won't Fix This

AI Won’t Fix This!

Did you miss me? While most were summer holidaying, I had a hiatus to write my memoir, The Damage of Words. I also...

Image representing the blog 'a hiring solution or a con'

A Cheap Hiring Solution Or A Con?

A waste of your time or a hiring solution? Take your salary and divide it by the number of weeks you work. Then...

Ever wondered if your hiring managers are crazy for the self sabotage

Are You Hiring Managers Crazy?

In-house recruiters & talent acquisition, read this to your hiring managers - especially those who are acting...

talent acquisition red flag

Monumental Red Flag!

This red flag stopped me talking! This is my 20th year in the recruitment/TA industry so to be left speechless by a...

Katrina Collier's legacy is to fix intakes

2023: Leaving A No BS Legacy

As this is my first article of the year - HAPPY NEW YEAR beloved reader, subscriber, and especially those who read...

recruiting in ambiguity

Recruiting In Ambiguity

Are we recruiting in ambiguity? Who knows! My feed is full of layoffs. My feed is also full of new starters &...

hiring managers are human too

Hiring Managers Are Human Too!

Hiring Managers; They're Only Human! Sitting between the candidate and the hiring manager can feel like being in an...

How To Reduce Candidate Ghosting Katrina Collier

How To Reduce Candidate Ghosting

You can reduce candidate ghosting. (You won't stop it though!) Part 2 -  read Part 1 here. Someone becomes...

Recruiter Spam & InMauls! Katrina Collier

Recruiter Spam & InMauls!

What will it take to stop recruiter spam? 😱 It was 2015 when Steve Levy first coined the term InMaul, (AKA LinkedIn...

Recruiters Standing With Ukraine Katrina Collier

Recruiters Standing With Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine On Friday one of our own recruitment community, Anastasia Yalanskaya, was killed delivering aid...

Are recruiters unicorns

Are Recruiters Unicorns Now?

Or are you just being too picky? 🤷‍♀️ Unless you have been under a rock, you will either be receiving countless...

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