You want to get to the root cause of hiring problems. I will guide you.

Through inclusive workshops that people love. Let’s find the solutions to your recruitment and candidate experience woes, fast.

Workshops that give you crystal clear clarity and direction, fast

Want a map out of the issues that complicate hiring and create undue stress for all?

Technology cannot fix the usual cause of recruitment problems. Humans! We are complex.

As a Master Facilitator, I create design-thinking workshops that people love to engage in. It will locate your specific recruitment and candidate experience problems. And set you on a clear path to fixing them.

We will get to the root cause. The real cause. The hidden cause of your company’s specific hiring problems. 

Considering the usual challenges of hiring. And the importance of EVP, DEIB, hybrid working, and employer brand. Few companies are getting talent acquisition and candidate experience right.

Let’s work together to fix yours.

Workshops that put joy, flow & empathy into recruitment.

Workshops Katrina Collier

Timely: run before creating a new strategy or when you need to fix issues quickly. 

Image Flexible Workshop

Flexible: 90 minutes, half day, one-day or even a two-day retreat. It’s all possible. 

Workshops Katrina Collier

Inclusive: everyone has a say, no matter their level of seniority or experience. 

Workshops Katrina Collier

Solutions are brain stormed and agreed upon by all who attend the session.

Workshops Katrina Collier

Exciting: people love the quick process that creates democratic fixes!

Workshops Katrina Collier

Expertly facilitated: I will be cheering your team onto a successful outcome.

Workshop ideas:


Hiring Manager Partnerships

Changing manager mindsets & creating true power partnerships.


HR TA Partnership Workshop

Fixing Candidate Experience

Making the idea of fixing candidate experience into a daily reality.


Recruitment workshop in India with Sue Ingram & Katrina Collier

Recruiter Upskilling

The Rolls Royce of recruiter upskilling with leadership trainer, Sue Ingram.


Katrina held a workshop to create a recruitment process for my client. She listened carefully to the brief and produced a two day workshop which played into the client’s needs and style well. She was no-nonsense and pushed the thinking. We even got to do some craft which really illustrated a point! I really recommend Katrina if you need robust conversations which create effective output.

Michelle Parry-Slater

Author: The Learning & Development Handbook | L&D Director, Kairos Modern Learning

Case Studies

Recently, I have delivered workshops that addressed:

  • managers seeking unicorns for an ageing workforce and tech stack: in one day the hiring managers (finally) realised, created and set in motion a plan to hire differently!
  • staffing a new veterinary practise: in 2 days I guided the design of the entire recruitment process to ensure the successful recruitment of the right 25+ people in a ridiculously short timeframe.
  • with Sue Ingram, delivered to training to over 70 recruiters, onsite in India, Poland & the USA, covering hiring manager partnerships, candidate experience, interviewing and much more.

OLX Group's aim:

  • to inspire their talent acquisition professionals and recruitment coordinators during their away days
  • looking for ways to excel in hiring manager relationships, candidate communication, and candidate experience.

The result:

  • high impact, low effort solutions agreed in 3 separate areas.
  • clearly defined steps to implement each solution.
  • a team equipped and inspired to deliver exceptional service. 


Katrina delivered an amazing, inspiring full-day workshop for my team at OLX Group. She kept a group of 40 recruiters and recruitment coordinators, from all over the world, engaged and fully focused for the entire duration of the session, and helped us build specific action plans to improve how we work with stakeholders, our communication and candidate experience. Katrina's energy and wit are unparalleled. I never thought organising a workshop could be that entertaining! She is a real pleasure to work with, spreading energy and enthusiasm, while providing support and reflection when needed. It was a real pleasure and I'd be happy to work with her again!

Kacper Kowalik

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, OLX Group

During workshops

Your team knows what it needs. It simply needs a democratic process to draw it out and ensure results. It needs a way to change ideas into actions without being derailed.

Online or in-person, I will lead you. You and your team will use post-its to capture ideas and solutions. It ensures even the quietest or least experienced is heard. Plus, it’s a fun way to get actionable results, so people want to get involved.

Really, the sky is the limit!

You’ll never really know which problems will be addressed until we run your session. In all workshops, I’ve witnessed honesty, even brutal honesty, because participants know they are in a safe space and that they will be fairly included in devising the solutions.

If you want to discover what your people are not saying, and save a ton of time figuring it all out, drop me a line or book a call below.

Image of a post about candidate experience workshop olx group
Three vets and one consultant wearing decorated eye masks in a recruitment workshop. Cementing the importance of always looking behind the mask when interviewing.
A group of Talent Acquisition specialists in India voting on the challenge they'd most like to address in the workshop.
A group of Talent Acquisition specialists creating lenses of possibility as an aid to remember to use curiosity and creativity when hiring.

Wow!! I expected something great and Katrina brought awesome! A true injection of energy and inspiration brought to my recruiter team and a boost to their morale. We all left buzzing with new ideas and approaches and that were transferable into any recruitment sector. I would highly recommend Katrina and know all my recruitment team would too. Thank you Katrina for ‘bringing it’ 🙂

Alice Power

Resourcing Hub Service Manager, Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Richemont Workshop
MicroNav Workshop

I had the opportunity to work with Katrina and put together a great design-thinking session. Katrina has a deep “out of the box” vision and came with an innovative facilitation session that covers the who, how, what and why. She is open for feedback and has a high emotional intelligence to navigate complex environments and adjust her style to meet the cultural expectations. I really appreciated working with Katrina; I cannot recommend her dedicated and diligent work more highly! 

Naima Sabeg

Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, NetApp



– Jessie Potter

Want to know more?

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OLX Group's Talent Acquisition mid-exercise.




What makes these workshops different?

Besides the energy I bring to them, which is evident in all the reviews and many images on this page, I create workshops using the principles of design-thinking. Which has been stolen borrowed from the world of product design.

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving, and it has a human-centered core. If you know anything about me or have read The Robot-Proof Recruiter, you will know that I am a champion of human first (or candidate centric) recruitment. Beacsue it delivers the best results both now and in the future.



What's the ROI? 💰

Without knowing your exact recruitment challenges, it is hard to calculate.

But a few ways possibilities could be…  (deliberately being pessimistic about the results you’ll achieve!)

  • What is the cost to the business each day a role remains open? Your hiring manager should know this figure for their role. How much would the business save if your team reduced the time-to-hire by just one day for each and every role?
  • What is the current cost of poor hiring manager partnerships? Divide up the recruiter’s salary to get their hourly. Then times that figure by the hours wasted to-ing and fro-ing, while they reject candidate after candidate, cancel interviews last minute, and generally do all of those things that irk us delay successful hiring. What if we reduced the time wasted by a measely 10%?
  • Then there’s the cost of candidate ghosting, reliance on agencies, poor employer branding, [insert what popped up]… and these can all be reduced.


Plus, there is also the direct ROI of not calling in a consulatncy. People who will charge your company a fortune and spend months interviewing your peole trying to figure it all out. Only to present you with an overhwelming report, which will cost even more time to digest and impelement.

Wheras in our workshop, you will get to the root cause of your company’s recruitment and candidate experience issues. And depending on what you choose, you could also have the steps needed to implement your high-impact and low effort solutions by the end of the session. In just one day, if you wish. 

For example, the 3 different solutions below were mapped out in a one day-workshop. The team commited to implement them the very next week, knowing that great collaboration between HR & TA would lead to better recruitment and retention. Now that’s ROI! 💰

High impact low effort solutions from a 1 day workshop

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