You want to get to the root cause of hiring problems. I will guide you.

Through inclusive workshops that people love. Because they deliver democratic and actionable outcomes, fast.

Workshops giving you the crystal clear clarity and direction you need

Collaboration chaos screws up hiring and creates undue stress for everyone involved.

Ignore it and it worsens, especially in hybrid working. And technology cannot fix the true causes of collaboration chaos.

As an AJ&Smart Master Facilitator, I create workshops that your people will love. Timed to suit your needs. I’ll design a workshop that will locate your recruitment problems and get you on your way to fixing them.

We will get to the root cause. The real cause. The hidden cause of your company’s specific hiring problems.

Considering the challenges of hiring in this market. And the importance of EVP, DEIB, hybrid working and employer brand. Few companies are getting it right.

Don’t miss your chance to get it right. 

Workshops that put joy, flow & empathy into collaboration. 

Workshops Katrina Collier

Timely: run before you create a new strategy & it will be sure to succeed. 

Image Flexible Workshop

Flexible: 90 minutes, half day, one-day or even a two-day retreat. It’s all possible. 

Workshops Katrina Collier

Inclusive: everyone has a say, no matter their level of seniority or experience. 

Workshops Katrina Collier

Solutions are brain stormed and agreed upon by all who attend the session.

Workshops Katrina Collier

Exciting: people love the quick process that creates democratic fixes!

Workshops Katrina Collier

Expertly facilitated: I will be cheering your team onto a successful outcome.

During the workshop

Image of Katrina Collier facilitating a workshop at Fleetcor

Online or in-person, I will lead you. You will use post-its to capture ideas and solutions. It ensures even the quietest or least experienced is heard. Plus, it’s a fun way to get actionable results, and people want to get involved. 

Praise re the workshop

Book A Free Scoping Workshop

The online scoping workshop will help you structure your thoughts. Helping you define the work that you are hoping to get done. This will increase your chances of success.

You will also get a taste of what it will be like to run a workshop with your team, hiring managers or HR.

I had the opportunity to work with Katrina and put together a great design-thinking session. Katrina has a deep “out of the box” vision and came with an innovative facilitation session that covers the who, how, what and why. She is open for feedback and has a high emotional intelligence to navigate complex environments and adjust her style to meet the cultural expectations. I really appreciated working with Katrina; I cannot recommend her dedicated and diligent work more highly!

Naima Sabeg

Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, NetApp



– Jessie Potter

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