You want a compassionate sounding board. I will hear you!

You will tap into my 20+ years of global recruitment experience and the tools gained on my healing journey. 

Sadly, nothing you say will surprise me. I’ve heard it all!

Since entering our profession in 2003, what haven’t I seen? As a recruiter and now as a facilitator to recruiters and companies worldwide, the tales I could tell. (But, won’t!)

Isolation. Confusion. Frustration. Stress. Burnout.

When TA leaders feel undermined or are fighting to protect their team, they burn out. This is when they turn to me. Because they find a safe space. A place to be heard. A place to thrash out ideas or vent. Knowing I get it; knowing I will help, without judgement.


One-To-One Mentoring

Mentoring Katrina Collier

Confidential: goes without saying but be assured that they are.

Mentoring Katrina Collier

Safe: you can bring your whole self to our conversations, exactly as you feel.

Mentoring Katrina Collier

Tailored to your current emotions and whatever you need tackled.

Mentoring Katrina Collier

Understanding: I know our industry, the players, & the different cultures.

Mentoring Katrina Collier

Sprinkled with the magic from the kitbag I gained on my path to healing.

Happy Mentees

My achievements as a recruiter are directly related to Katrina’s talks and books. They’ve helped me hone my candidate-care skills. The awards I’ve won are based on the work she’s endlessly shared with the global recruitment community. Last year I had the absolute privilege of getting into her calender for her one-on-one career and project coaching. Worth every penny! I’m still working through the amazing advice she’s shared. If you are looking for advice, support, or content from a recruitment legend don’t hesitate to consider Katrina.

Hilary Callaghan

Founder | Award-Winning Remote Work & Disability Advocate

I formed an instant bond with Katrina. She has an amazing presence and warmth. Friendly, honest and articulate. She made me feel more like myself, whether talking about work or personal stuff. She can use metaphors or be super direct, which has helped me become a better version of myself. 

Mark Mansour

Talent Acquisition Manager

Mentoring expanded my view of recruiting: I now have an outlook aligned with my interests and desires. Losing perfectionism; I’ve learned to focus on what motivates me and ceased trying to be everything to everyone. I have found my voice and learned that there are infinite options to pursue in my discipline.

Ewa Zajak

Recruiting Operations Manager, Zendesk

Katrina’s enthusiasm for sharing her vast expertise coupled with her eagerness to invest in others cannot be understated. Over the past two years, she has proven to be an incredibly important member of my personal and professional network, acting as a critical friend, ally and co-pilot in both my work and personal life. As a first time founder of a small recruitment business, knowing that I have Katrina at the end of the phone to listen and support is invaluable. But she does more than that. Katrina really cares about my success and the success of my business. She is my confidant, my cheerleader and a genuinely good human who will inspire, motivate, challenge and support you. She is truly wonderful, I can’t recommend Katrina more highly.

Emma Freivogel

Founder, Radical Recruit



– Marianne Williamson

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Mentoring testimonial
Mentoring testimonial
Mentoring Katrina Collier

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