The Robot-Proof Recruiter is a GREAT guide, full of analysis on the industry and its future. Commentary and ideas on what to do to stand out -- some are truly ingenious.

– Dave, Amazon Review 🇨🇦

The Robot-Proof Recruiter

A survival guide for recruitment & sourcing professionals!

Edition 2 was published on August 3rd, 2022 worldwide (August 30th for North America)

The noise and transparency created by the internet makes it harder to recruit the right people. This second edition will help you become the recruiter that candidates trust and want to talk to.

The Robot-Proof Recruiter shows you how to use a human-first approach to hiring that will help you grab and hold a candidate’s attention better than a robot! It contains essential guidance on overcoming obstacles, including how to recruit without an existing online presence, how to work effectively with hiring managers to improve the outreach and candidate experience, and how to use technology to support the candidate’s journey from initial outreach, through to application, successful onboarding, and later to alumnus.

The second edition covers the unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on recruiting, and how using unique human qualities in conjunction with technology can enhance employer branding and candidate experience. Full of expert guidance, practical tips and updated case studies, this book explains what works, what doesn’t and how you can stand out and recruit effectively. The Robot-Proof Recruiter is an indispensable book for all recruitment professionals and HR practitioners who want to recruit the right people for their organization.

First published by Kogan Page on Aug 3, 2019. Finalist at The Business Book Awards 2020.

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The Robot-Proof Recruiter book club with Paramount
The Robot-Proof Recruiter book club with Paramount

There’s never been a more important time to re-evaluate our hiring processes! Thankfully, Katrina Collier has done that hard work. The Robot-Proof Recruiter is an invaluable resource for recruitment professionals who still believe that authenticity beats algorithms. If you’re struggling to maximize recruitment efforts or are looking to upskill your individual recruiting toolkit in a meaningful way, this is the book to pick up and implement.

Joey Price

Host, While We Were Working and CEO, Jumpstart:HR

Finding and hiring the best talent has been and will continue to be a business imperative. The Robot-Proof Recruiter is an essential resource for talent acquisition professionals looking for best practices and proven guidance to stand out in a competitive recruiting market. I particularly loved the focus on building relationships with hiring managers, not something traditionally covered in a recruitment book but so necessary!

Sharlyn Lauby

Talent Management Consultant | Author, HR Bartender

What I love about The Robot-Proof Recruiter is that Katrina tackles what everyone in HR & TA thinks before they go to bed at night: ‘where does the human leave off and where does the automation start?’ And vice versa. Every day, it seems like we learn something new that automation can do. But few people ask the tougher question: should it be done just because something can be done? Katrina tackles these issues systematically (pun intended) for the full spectrum of talent acquisition. And she does it masterfully. I read her book in two days, and it was my second time reading it. In my opinion, it should be required reading for everyone thinking about a career in recruiting.

William Tincup

Editor & President-at-Large, RecruitingDaily

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