Recruitment Isn’t Broken 😳

by | Nov 4, 2021

But TA has a big perception problem.

Confession: I stole Recruitment Isn’t Broken from Ken Ward‘s talk (watch it here – NSFW 🎧 ). This contradicts 76 million Google results for “recruitment is broken”.

Over the last few days, whilst looking at the agenda of several leading HR conferences, I have come to this startling realisation.

Recruitment isn’t on their radar.

Nor is talent acquisition, hiring or anything else it could be called.

It’s just not on the agendas. It’s simply absent.


Yet, HR wants TA within its function…. because, you know, “people.”

But it’s not covered at leading HR conferences.

And ask HR what Talent Acquisition does and most will say, “Post adverts and make appointments.” To be fair, the business doesn’t really know what you do either! 😬

This is the cause of much of the collaboration chaos I work to fix. And when you subscribe to this newsletter, you’ll receive my thoughts, tips, and ideas to help make recruitment less, erm, bent out of shape.

I want people to understand what it actually takes to bring people into a company; especially in this market. As a recruiter you know, it’s far more than CVs floating down from the sky or posting a job advert and sieving responses, so let’s shout louder about what we do.


Talent Acquisition is a new function.

It’s what, 5-15 years old? Younger in some companies. So it’s up to the people working in TA to change how they are perceived by the business.

To explain that TA can be strategic. That TA is not an administrative function.

We are the people who bring in the people and it’s the people that make the company succeed… or fail.

Successful in-house recruiters are invested in. They are permitted to forge partnerships with all areas of the business, which ultimately makes hiring better and benefits the candidate experience and employer brand.

HR, marketing, sales, and finance functions are older and more developed. They don’t usually need to explain what they do. But TA does.

So wherever you are in your TA journey, you need to ensure you are understood.

Are you ready to shout about what it is you do?

Originally posted on LinkedIn as part of the Recruitment Isn’t Broken newsletter.

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