You want to optimise your hiring and candidate experience. 

I will help you fix what AI won’t.


Let’s resolve the human issues making talent acquisition clunky. And those harming candidate experience. Because people make businesses succeed, and people matter.

Solving the talent acquisition issues AI will never fix.

I’m Katrina Collier. Author, Facilitator & Mentor.

AI won’t fix the lack of partnership between managers and talent acquisition. Nor will it address managers’ resistance to cooperating or their struggle to articulate who they need to hire, which ruins the hiring process, candidate experience, and employer brand.

But companies will attempt to replace recruiters with AI.

Using my 21 years of experience, I help recruiters become valued partners to the business. Reducing friction and stress, improving collaboration and communication, and resulting in successful talent acquisition.

If you want respect and responsiveness from your managers and engaged candidates accepting your job offers, let’s talk.

Katrina Collier - Facilitator, Speaker and Author
Katrina Collier Keynote Speaker 2022

I’m also a Keynote Speaker.

Recruitment audiences discover how to create a human-first approach to talent acquisition. Recruiters and HR leave ready to improve their relationships with hiring managers and candidates. Better partnerships = more roles filled with greater ease!

Management and leadership audiences learn how a few small changes take all the pain out of the hiring process. Talks include research from my second business book, Reboot Hiring: The Key To Managers and Leaders Saving Time, Money and Hassle When Recruiting, which is available on August 1st.

Uniquely, I understand how cultural differences impact recruiting; learned from clients in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa and from speaking at the leading industry conferences on these five continents. Book me here.


Talent Acquisition has a fixable perception problem

My clients want the business to grasp the expectations of today’s consumer-minded candidates. To see that it takes a partnership between recruiters, HR and managers to deliver a candidate experience that doesn’t hamper future hiring.

They also want the business to value and respect talent acquisition so they can save managers’ and leaders’ time, money and hassle.

I can help you create this change. Together we will convert your leaders into champions of TA.


Design-thinking. Fixing recruitment & candidate experience, fast.


For talent acquisition in need of a safe space to think & grow.


On human-centric hiring; for managers & leaders or recruiters.

Recent clients include:

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– Simon Sinek

In November 2023, Katrina conducted a series of two online workshops on Candidate Experience for PwC CEE. With energy that kept the audience engaged throughout, she shared both inspiration and practical tips—small elements that can make a significant difference in enhancing the candidate experience. Katrina’s expertise and dynamic presentation style made these sessions highly valuable for all 100+ attendees.

Zlata Drbalova

CEE Recruitment Operations/Project Manger, PwC Central & Eastern Europe

Considering Katrina Collier wrote the how-to guide to decent, ethical and human-focused recruiting, The Robot-Proof Recruiter, you won’t be surprised to hear that she inspires recruiters to do their best work. In her mission to create environments where candidates are appreciated, nurtured, supported and, later, grown and developed, Katrina challenges recruiters to focus on the human being at the end of every transaction. Katrina is a born leader and teacher, and she leaves every “student” in her path a more inclusive, empathetic, savvy and productive recruiting professional. I’m grateful for her guidance, and her book, daily.

Debi Easterday

CEO & Chief H2B Consultant, H2B Consulting