Girish Jain & Josh Goldstien – Hiring The People You Really Want

by | Nov 4, 2021

When the fabulous Ed Han suggests you interview two of his favourite hiring managers, you know it’ll be a brilliant conversation! And it would seem I am not Ed’s only fan.

Do your hiring managers speak about you in such glowing terms? 🤩

In this episode you’ll hear Cenlar‘s Girish Jain, VP of Enterprise QA & Architecture, and Josh Goldstien, VP of Operations Strategy talk about:  


  • hiring when the company initially wasn’t ready for remote working & when you want to use a whiteboard!
  • overcoming the hierarchy of communicating and the benefits of not flying people in for interviews.
  • the reasons Girish will help source people, gives the heads-up on future hiring, and the benefit of giving prompt feedback
  • the reasons Josh gets involved in the offer – super important in this market!
  • reeling in the people you want to work with – it’s a partnership, a 2 way street.
  • …and recruiters are not a service!

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