Personal Brand & Covid Career Changes | Jim Berrisford

by | Sep 7, 2020

Building your personal brand

We welcome this week’s guest. Who went from Filofax salesman to Talent Acquisition guru, REC Council Director, Brand Ambassador and Advisor. He is now the Chief Commercial Officer for a reputable TA software vendor. To sum up, Jim Berrisford has navigated his way through a portfolio career and is definitely best placed to provide advice to anyone thinking of a career change post COVID.

With this in mind, Jim begins with key advice for individuals thinking about exploring opportunities. He goes on to say,

“When I set up the agency, there was a market in the gap, not a gap in the market. I could see where technology was going and I wanted to be involved in this. So how do I start to connect with the right people? How do I build my personal brand”.

In other words, if you are waiting for a right-sized career opportunity this might find you waiting for a long time!

Contribute to better conversations across social media

Additionally, we ask Jim about any advice he may have for recruiters thinking about a shift in their career direction. He advised, “If you’re looking at your career, and you’re considering something else. Step back, because some of the really small things that recruiters do, including empathy and understanding, the ability to communicate and translate information. If you can demonstrate those skills, you’re on to a winner!”.

Together with, discussing the broader topic of engaging with people across social media. He says, “if you have that credibility and passion then talk to people in that profession”.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Jim talk about:

  • Increasing your network to identify new career opportunities
  • Strategic social media engagement and networking
  • The power of the human skills of Talent Acquisition professionals
  • Don’t be controlled by the technology, control the technology
  • Adding value to social media conversations
  • How important is Zoom to the future of recruitment?

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