Firing Your Employer Branding Team? | @media2knight on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Oct 19, 2020

Employers: be true to who you are!

This week’s guest is the reason The #SocialRecruiting Show exists. As the original co-founder and co-host of the show. We welcomed the AWESOME Audra Knight.  Returning to talk to us about the origins of the show and to provide us with her thoughts on the current trends in Employer Branding. Namely, why are companies making their Employer Brand redundant?

Audra opens the show by reflecting on the high volumes of employer brand professionals on the market.

“I’ve seen many many employer brand people, this year, get laid off. So much more than ever.” and “I guess they are saying (Employers), we’re not hiring right now, so we don’t need you. Which is really silly as there are so many things that a person could work on.  For example, you could work on your processes”.

We go on and touch upon the current wider market and the importance of employer and candidate experience. Audra mentions, “if you are not treating your employees well right now, it’s going to bite you if ever plan to hire again”.

Show your culture, don’t tell!

We get onto the subject of culture and Audra provides us with her thoughts on this. She says, “that’s the real problem with recruitment content. You’re supposed to show and not tell. Whereas so much content I see is a video where they say ‘we have a great culture’ – and the candidate doesn’t believe any of that.” “That’s why, when I interview people I say ‘can you tell me about an example’, ‘what’s one day when you felt that’ (culture)”.

We finally get onto the subject of the origins on The #SocialRecruiting Show and Audra tells us about the initial idea. She says, “I was seeing all these shows and there wasn’t one about recruiting at all. So first of all, that’s a hole – and we have the technology.” She tells us, “I learned something from every one of those guests – that was the best part!”. 

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Audra talk about:

  • The internal and external side of employer branding
  • Revisiting the status of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse of your culture
  • Authentic content about company culture 
  • Provide data to validate the power of your content
  • Learning while interviewing Guests 

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