Suzanne Wolko: Mind The Gap Bias

by | Mar 11, 2021

Suzanne Wolko is a fabulous Financial Services Executive with experience in Finance, HR and Operations, and a slayer of “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality which I adore, of course.

She doesn’t fit in a box.  A recruiter’s nightmare to understand instantly and overlooked because let’s be honest, we don’t really know what to do with, erm, hybrids. 😖   In fact, a recruiter called her weird!

Worse, she has a gap. Gasp. 🙄

You’d think in a global pandemic this would be less of an issue but it appears gap bias is rife so I couldn’t wait to chat with Suzanne about her experiences when she recruited people with gaps and why leaders are missing a trick allowing their bias to remain unchecked.

We also talked about age bias, trusting your recruiters, “order taking” and more. 🧡 

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