Interview: The Recruitment Flex – Robot-Proof Recruiter

by | Aug 30, 2022

Thrilled to be back on The Recruitment Flex! 🤩

Thank you Serge & Shelley! I was excited to be re-welcomed onto The Recruitment Flex podcast, especially as I was your first ever guest 🙏🏻

“Second Edition of The Robot-Proof Recruiter is available in North America today! With relentless passion, Katrina has over 2 decades in the recruitment industry, spoken on 5 continents and now has version 2 of the must read book for everyone in TA.  Always generous with her recommendations, add to your must read list, Full Stack Recruiter by Jan Tegze and take your career to the next level. “


❇️ Lessons learned about interviewing since the pandemic

❇️ Biggest fail of companies in the last 2 years are those who use monitoring software

❇️ Essential characteristics for recruiter to be successful

❇️ Quiet Quitting – Should you just be grateful you have a job?

❇️ Let’s not scare ourselves INTO a recession.

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Edition 2 is out! 🥳

Fully updated for 2022, The Robot-Proof Recruiter