GPT Reveals Itself

by | Nov 27, 2023

Please don’t think GPT is a panacea for bias!

I don’t know what it is about the blind uptake of AI that is winding me up so much… oh no, wait, I do know. And you probably expect a long rant, but surprisingly, this is my shortest article of the year.

All I need you to do is really consider this for a moment. Lars wrote, “I asked ChatGPT to create a realistic image of ChatGPT as a CEO,” and it created this 👇🏻

Take in this image for a moment before rolling on. Do you see my issue?

ChatGPT as a ChatGPT CEO draws itself as a white male robot in a suit

ChatGPT decided as a CEO it is…





I won’t even go into the masculine office in the city aspect of the image but know that, a whole week later, this is still making me shake my head.

I can guess why this happened, but I simply have a warning…

If you are using GPT to create job posts and outreach, while also peddling DEI policies, diversity hiring, and so on, you better make sure that either your emotional intelligence is switched on or you run it through a tool like Textio before using it.

Some AI is amazing, no doubt about it.

But slow down.

Only use it with empathy, compassion, critical thinking, judgement, and creativity.


GPT Reveals Itself Katrina Collier


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