Hiring for Climate & Sustainability Startups

by | Oct 26, 2022

Hear The T̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶ People! Ep. 5: Hiring for Climate & Sustainability Startups

Climate change is on the agenda for every major economy Globally, and with targets to reach net-zero, a key policy commitment – Investors have recognised this urgency and have poured billions into climate tech startups. The UK government has made its goals of net-zero carbon emissions clear, however, the question remains – who are the innovators that are going to produce the solutions to make these goals achievable?

Jake Verma is the Data Cooperative Manager at Subak, the world’s first Accelerator and Fellowship Programme for non-for-profit climate startups. Jake joins us to talk about hiring for climate & sustainability startups in the non-for-profit sector, where investment has soared tenfold, from $1.1bn in 2017, to more than $8.4bn in 2021. We discuss how job seekers are now transitioning from traditional industry sectors into the climate space, as a Hiring Manager, what he looks for in terms of transferable skills and experience, and what kind of learning journey these new team members can go on in such a rapidly expanding sector.

Hosted by Glenn Martin, founder & director of Never Mind The Job Spec, and Katrina Collier, author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, facilitator, mentor and speaker. Join us as we discover more about the work he is doing.

Video Chapters

Hiring for Climate & Sustainability Startups

01:36 Who is Jake Verma

05:19 Subak’s accelerator programme

08:00 Trying to crack into engineering even with a shortage!

13:30 Mission driven graduates & professionals

17:33 What happened when they removed the degree requirement

23:00 Task vs CV based interviewing

26:38 the importance of a screening call

31:00 Giving the interview questions advanced

38:00 Not wasting hiring managers time!

40:32 Why candidates want an intro chat before applying

45:00 Recruiters ghosting applicant

46:00 Human connection matters

49:32 Understanding gender diversity and pay gap

54:10 The power of vulnerability

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