Why Layoffs Not Redeployment? with @ThatTracey

by | Sep 30, 2022

Hear The T̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶- People – Ep. 3: Why Layoffs Not Redeployment? with Tracey Parsons

What’s so wrong with redeployment? Why are we laying off people not redeploying them? Oh yes, facing the tough subjects 💥  and chatting to bringer of sunshine Tracey Parsons about all things people! And why the hell companies lay off over here while they are hiring over there but fail to connect the dots!

Hosted by Glenn Martin, founder & director of Never Mind The Job Spec, and Katrina Collier, author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, facilitator, mentor and speaker.

Join us for what will be an epic conversation with the CEO of Parsons Strategic Consulting & Founder of WORQDRIVE.

Video Chapters

00:30 Glenn’s entertaining introduction

02:04 Who is Tracey Parsons?

04:24 Words you choose matter

06:39 WORQDRIVE created for the people

08:09 Stop assuming you know what your people want!

11.10 Generational differences (not typecasting BS)

14:00 Don’t assume mobility is for salaried!

17:18 Layoffs over here and recruiting over here

19:30 Is your old school management not fit for redeployment?

22:40 The mental health impacts of not realising the cost of not using redeployment

24:19 If you know your people so well why are they leaving?

26:00 Your leaders speak financials… HR needs to sit up / push back. 

28:30 Create comfort in time of crisis!

31:00 Why your internal job board won’t help you with redeployment

33:30 “Your managers are not going to like this” 74% of TA pros say managers are a barrier to mobility

35:00 A little workshop plug by Katrina Collier https://katrinacollier.com/workshops/

6:11 Talent Intelligence (Toby Culshaw’s book )

39:00 Your company’s skills data is out of date 

42:25 Internal first! Advertise last.

46:11 Success stories

51:00 Stop trying to control your people – you don’t know what they want!

53:00 Safe space and a willingness to release your people to another team

56:00 Really why are we laying off people!!

Edition 2 is out! 🥳

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