Don’t Hire Unless You Can Keep Them

by | Dec 8, 2022

Hear The T̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶ People! Ep. 8: Don’t Hire Unless You Can Keep Them

Chief Talent Navigator & founder of Transforming Talent, Elizabeth Lembke, joins Glenn & Katrina to talk about the problem with hiring when you can’t keep someone in the role in a downturn!! Yes, you read that right. What can recruiters and TA pros do to stop this phenomena… Ok, ok, it may not be intentional but there are things you can do because we play with people’s lives and livelihoods!

Hosted by Glenn Martin, founder & director of Never Mind The Job Spec, and Katrina Collier, author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, facilitator, mentor and speaker. Join us as we discover more about the work he is doing.

Video Chapters

Don’t Hire Unless You Can Keep Them! with Elizabeth Lembke

01:10 What is talent navigator?

02:07 What is on Liz’s head?

03:16 Not hiring people if you can’t keep them

05:51 Stop playing with people’s lives!

08:21 lose the process to hiring and have a philosophy to hiring

10:24 Talent Manager lessons!

12:34 The stupidity of managers claiming ownership of employees!

14:00 Don’t overlook your quiet employees

17:00 So where do recruiters ask THE question?

21:02 Stop avoiding intakes

22:45 Talent acquisition need to prove their worth

26:00 Recruit using success profiles

28:40 Domino layoffs impact

30:19 What do your employees mean to you

31:51 Don’t hire vs runway of cash in startups

32:00 Startups, don’t fall in love with your product

36:00 Stripe vs Twitter layoff emails and the impact on brand

37:51 People will accept leader’s vulnerability

38:38 Who should ask the ‘don’t hire’ question?

40:45 We learn new skills

44:42 The problem with cutting your learning & development budget

47:28 Mess with your people, they’ll mess with you

49:30 Chris Mannion’s post on the cost of firing your recruiters

51:00 2023 predictions

54:10 Efficiency vs effectiveness

55:40 Make the whole hiring process human-centred from the intake

Edition 2 is out! 🥳

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