Social Search on Top Social Platforms | @TheBrianFink on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Feb 18, 2019

Fixate on creating the best possible experience for the candidate!

This week’s guest has only just returned from the ‘LinkedIn Naughty Step’ after messaging 18,000 engineers so we had to find out why and what other social platforms he used instead!

As a Technical Recruiter with over 10-years experience and Star Wars mega-fan, Brian Fink describes himself as a ‘true head hunter’. With a “Rolodex” of notable blue-chip clients, he always offers a novel approach, and believes,

“If I can make you laugh, I know we can have a conversation, and, more disruptively, if you have your job title on Facebook, you are inviting me to have a conversation with you about what you do as an engineer.”

On the show, Brian informs us about his view on the significant shift in recruitment attention from LinkedIn to other social platforms, “I think Facebook is going to be the next LinkedIn… it has more people, it has more information”. He also advises, “Hiring Managers will look at Facebook based on the role”.

Twitter is the long game

Given Brian’s expertise, we ask his opinion on which social platforms work best and what new innovations has he tested.

“Twitter is a long game and the recruitment community need quick hits, I think the big push in terms spam is text messages…that’s why I’m not buying into any of these platforms.”

Whilst personally finding more value in social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, he tells us the candidate always comes first “…whether I’m messaging on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Instagram, it is about them” and how we must “fixate on creating the best possible experience for that candidate.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Brian talk about:


  • Focusing on the 7 Steps of Personalisation
  • Building trust with candidates
  • Engaging Developers through musical choices
  • The change in the ‘Recruiter’ and ‘Talent Acquisition’ profile
  • Tips and tools for recruitment social engagement

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