Candidate-Centric Recruiter To Tech Sales | @TenableBrian on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Feb 11, 2019

Be an information provider and let the candidate decide!

Matt Duren described our guest on Twitter as ‘The man. The myth. The legend’ – with such an introduction, Brian Sheridan had our undivided attention!

Brian’s career in recruitment started “by chance”; since then he has accelerated through the world of agency recruitment before switching to in-house and has finally bought him to his spiritual home, Tenable as a Senior Recruiter. His recent decision to switch from recruitment to Customer Success piqued our curiosity!

On the show, Brian discusses the key skills he has learnt as a Recruiter that he is now applying to his role in Customer Success; he tells us that the

“Inquisitive nature of being a recruiter,”, coupled with the ability to “ask 2nd and 3rd level questions” and how being “deadline orientated” is already serving him well.

As we discuss more details about his life in recruitment, Brian reveals why he decided to switch to in-house and corporate recruitment, he tells he was inspired by “seeing the people I hired the next day – working with them and watching them grow”.

The candidate is King or Queen

As we probe about his recent progression to Customer Success, he tells us his motivation was based on wanting to “get more into the products” and how he “wanted to get more technical”. As a passionate recruiter, Brian tells us how he liked to make an impact on a candidate;

“Ideally, I’m making every hires life better and just putting a person in a seat is a terrible way to do your job.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Brian talk about:

  • Providing candidates with options and empowering their decision making
  • The challenges of learning to recruit in a new market and region
  • Screening for company culture fit
  • Building successful hiring manager relationships
  • Progressing from recruit to technical sales 

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