Seeking a professional opinion on your HR tech product?

Business is about fair exchange

Since the release of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, my opinion is sought often. But understandably, paying clients must take priority.

Like your company is paid for its products and services. And people are paid for their time and expertise. Making the exchange fair.

Time with me gives you access to:

Professional Opinion Katrina Collier

19+ years experience in talent acquisition and recruitment.

Professional Opinion Katrina Collier

Global & connected HR & recruitment keynote speaker.

Professional Opinion Katrina Collier
A thought leader quoted in leading global publications.
Professional Opinion Katrina Collier

Author of the revered book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter.

Professional Opinion Katrina Collier
An expert who is connected to many industry influencers.

To make this exchange fair

In exchange for my time and professional opinion, I ask for a donation to Hope for Justice charity. Its aim is to end modern-day slavery affecting 40.3 million people worldwide.

For a donation of £160 donation you will receive 30 minutes. And feel great, knowing this pays half of the cost to return a child to a safe and loving home.

Professional Opinion Katrina Collier

The impact your company will make

As an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, I have been to Uganda twice to support the incredible staff. Words can barely express the impact donations make and how far it stretches.

Getting children off the streets reduces their chance of ending up in the sex trade or trafficked.

People are trapped in slavery near you, right now. This is a global issue. And London UK is the capital of people trafficking.