Recruiter Experience | @HassanahRudd & @MarkMansour01 on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Feb 25, 2019

Do we talk enough about recruiter experience?

We talk about candidate experience and employee experience but what about our experience?

This week’s show is one from the archives! – Katrina’s “Aussie special’ see’s her flying solo and joined by former Brit, now Kiwi working in Australia – Hassanah Rudd and Aussie recruitment maverick, Mark Mansour, who both know a lot about recruiter experience!

Currently operating as an Associate Director of Talent Operations, Hassanah tells us how her first taste of recruitment was pre-internet in a Job Centre in Oxford, England and how when her employers finally ‘plugged in’,

“The team assistant was the only person with an email account!”.

As a National Talent Acquisition Lead, Mark’s journey into recruitment took a slightly different path as he arrived after spending time in Data Centre support. After moving into a sales role, he was successfully headhunted and offered a role in recruitment after realising how terrible the whole experience was for others – he tells us how he “honed my skills by looking at what recruiters were doing wrong”.

On the show, Hassanah and Mark cover the emotive subject of hiring Millenials and how companies continually want to know “what do Millenials want?”, they focus in on the overuse of spamming candidates and tell us “there is no point pouring a ton of people in the top of the funnel if they are not right, you’re just wasting recruiter time”.

What about the recruiter experience?

As experienced recruitment practitioners, Hassanah and Mark delve into the hard topic of recruiter experience and discuss the key foundations of training, capacity versus capability and they highlight the impact on the candidate experience, Hassanah points out,

“If you pour 80 to 90 requirements onto an untrained recruiter, you can’t expect any form of service to any of it, simply put, everything falls apart.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Hassanah and Mark talk about:


  • AI versus the human approach  
  • Hiring for curiosity
  • Which is the best ATS?
  • Candidate and Customer Behaviour
  • Educating the Applicant

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