Recruitment Marketing That Nurtures Candidates | @Talentry on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Mar 6, 2019

Build relationships with candidates before they apply!

This week’s guest started a company straight out of University and decided to tackle one of the most discussed and emotive parts of the recruitment lifecycle, candidate relationship management.

Founder and CEO of Talentry, Carl Hoffmann, openly admits he made

“Lot’s of mistakes going from 1 employee to 5.”

When he first established his fledgeling start-up back in 2013, however, his belief that the recruitment market had fundamentally changed was supported by conversations with fellow students; they told him “they got a job through referrals”.

Through self-learning, reading blogs and gaining a growing knowledge of the HR space, Carl realised, “many companies were relying on head-hunters to find IT staff and job ads that weren’t working. So we said, let’s find a way of active sourcing through the employees’ networks”. From this final realisation, Talentry was born.

On the show, Carl openly discusses his experiences of the market differences between his native Germany and the UK, Benelux and Nordic regions and how he was,

“Surprised that all markets have the same problem – a talent shortage – and this is not a German problem or a UK problem – it’s a big global problem.”

The War for Talent

With most companies predicting the war for talent will continue, Carl discusses how it’s important for companies to focus on a good content marketing strategy to attract candidates’ attention. From his own experiences, he has noticed “more and more companies starting to put that engagement layer on-top of their ATS” to enable them to “build relationships with candidates before they apply”.

One key learning that Carl is keen to point out to employers and current customers alike – “you can’t buy referrals!”.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Carl talk about:


  • Employee Advocacy Model
  • Effectively re-using content for candidate engagement
  • Candidate relationship data
  • Referral cultures and incentives
  • Retention and internal mobility

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