Technical Sourcing How-To with @ABortolusssi on The #Social Recruiting Show

by | Jun 19, 2018

At first you might notice her fashion sense or the way she says “about”

But within just minutes of launching this episode with Angela Bortolussi, she was diving into communication tactics, strategies, and a how-to on sourcing. But first, you should know that Bortolussi is a proud Canadian who moved to Los Angeles just a few months ago with the promise that never again would she complain about the weather. She’s also one heck of a data-driven sourcer.

“They can give you all the tools and email addresses in the world but that will only take you so far,” says Bortolussi, who encourages sourcing teams to look at the data before diving in to a search. “On average an engineer gets 3-4 messages a day. How are you going to compete?”

Bortolussi looks at both competitive intelligence and market data to build her sourcing strategy

This data is used to make sure you can have an intelligent conversation on both ends because if the engineers care about it, so should you. “What’s great about both types of data is that there’s so much public data that’s completely free,” she adds.

The second type of data Bortolussi uses heavily is for writing her emails. She tracks everything – from the headline to the click rates – to know what works, what’s a bust, and how she should adapt her strategies. “It’s about making better decisions in the future – from tactics, to job descriptions, to emails.” The most important lesson? “Don’t be reactive.” Strategy doesn’t come from a stressed, jump right in approach. Strategy comes from knowing the challenges and mapping the steps.

This was just the beginning of Bortolussi’s data driven approach to technical recruiting success.  It’s just not about tech or a site that offers boolean strings anymore. That’s not how you stand out in the crowded market. It’s about knowledge and conversation.

If you want to learn more, watch the whole episode here.

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