Diversity Sourcing & Inclusion | @TheBalazs on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jun 27, 2018

Is diversity sourcing possible?

Pride month is a point of reflection for many LGBTQIA youth.

It’s a celebration of how far the community has come. It’s a look into the fight for the future toward true equality – a world where all really means all. Pride month comes at a unique time this year in particular. So many social movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter are emphasising the injustices in the world and reflecting on power imbalance. These conversations seep into the world of work, inciting new conversations about diversity sourcing and what diversity and inclusion really mean. Inevitably, they have an impact on our show, too.

This week’s episode was unlike so many others. It began typically, discussing how Balazs fell into sourcing from the theatre world. As an artist, he “never wanted to work for money,” but when a friend asked him to be a university researcher, he rather liked the work of discovery and meeting new people.

Fast forward to today. Balazs is bringing his sourcing strategies to the world stage as the Vice President of Sourcing at Cielo. But, more than sourcing strategy or a history on the evolution of Boolean Logic, Balazs brought us his whole self and an uncommon view on inclusion and diversity.

“Diversity is not a sourcing problem, but rather a funnel issue. While so many direct their efforts toward diverse and inclusive outcomes toward the top of the funnel, they’re focused on the wrong things.”

There’s no such thing as diversity sourcing.

“It doesn’t matter how many diverse people I bring to your company. I ask them if they can live a complete life. We must make it easy for people to talk about their life without fear and shame. That’s the first step, not the slate.”

Rather than managing a quota, Balazs wants more people to talk about completeness as the inclusion metric.

With that said, the tears began to flow amongst our hosts and guest, realising that is what people are truly seeking at work and in life above all else. We want to be appreciated for being boldly different and standing for our truth. Each story and hardship, each chip cut by our history is a story to tell – a story that has the chance to change someone’s mind.

I hope you’ll watch this week’s episode to both learn from Balazs’s sourcing tactics and his story.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Balazs share more:

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