Ready To Blow-Up Your TA & HR Processes? | @Chad_Sowash on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jan 22, 2019

Talent Acquisition and HR need to blow-up their processes! 💣

Our guests always leave us with pearls of wisdom and provide us with a unique view of the recruitment industry! This week’s guest, Chad Sowash, takes us a supersonic verbal rollercoaster through, what we have called, the ‘New Year’s Bitchfest!’ (Wear a headset!)

Army Veteran and Recruitment industry voice, Chad has been partnering and pivoting with FTSE500 companies since the ‘dawn of Monster’ (circa 1999). We discussed weekly his thoughts and views on the talent acquisition industry on his primary platform, the Chad & Cheese Podcast which has parental advisory guidance and a warning that it is

“HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast.”

In this fast and furious show, we learn about Chad’s own career in the US Forces and how this led to him delivering successful Veterans recruitment programmes for companies such as the Ford Motor Company. He tells us how “Ford listened and cared” and this resulted in them

“Blowing-up there Veteran hiring by 20%”.

On the cusp of global domination, with a number of events and a mini-tour planned for 2019, we also learn how Chad challenges the activities and advocates of employer branding. Chad tells us “I have a huge issue employer brand – they have to show how they are tied to the business and how they are impacting sales”.

Technology progression versus legacy TA & HR processes.

Chad’s current focus is now firmly on HR and Recruitment tech and he passionately tells us “what we need to do as a Talent Acquisition / HR is we need to blow up our processes –  the processes currently being used are from the late 1990s and early 2000s” and the net result is

“We have new technologies that we’re trying to shove old processes into.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Chad talk about:


  • New and emerging HR and Recruitment technology
  • Automation for high-volume recruitment
  • Technology acquisitions and market readiness
  • Gillette versus Nike: The race for brand diversity and inclusion
  • The death and rebirth of the ATS

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