Does Candidate Experience Matter? | @TParsons on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jan 29, 2019

Stop talking about it and start defining your candidate experience!

When asked about candidate experience, our guest said, “This monster we’ve created is really about screening people out and not about getting them a job” – such a statement could only be communicated by the wonderfully passionate Tracey Parsons.

As a former journalist and member of the TMP Worldwide team, Tracey

“Fell in love with digital.”

Fast-forward to the present day, she has recently taken the decision to leave a successful role as a VP at SmashFly to concentrate full-time on scaling her own consultancy where she “helps companies to really define their candidate experience” and “adopt the right software” to meet their strategic goals.

As candidate experience continues to be in the top 3 priorities for companies in the ever-increasing war for talent, Tracey tells us that, “It’s a lot bigger than just marketing”…

“Everyone keeps talking about candidate experience but we need to define it better.”

In her opinion, for successful companies, “It’s not just about getting more people at the top of the funnel” they have to find “how to keep the people they’ve hired engaged”. “It’s about pre-hire to post retire”.

 Switcher Strategy To Upgrade Strategy

Consumer marketing in the smartphone industry has parallels with the recruitment space. Recruitment teams focus primarily on getting candidates to move from their current job to a new job, the switcher strategy, they haven’t even started to think about proactively engaging and retaining high-performers in their current business through tailored career progression, an upgrade strategy!

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Tracey talk about:


  • Candidates: What they ‘love’ and ‘hate’ about applying for jobs
  • Company review sites: Pros versus Cons
  • What is ‘Talent Experience?’  
  • How can social listening help recruiters
  • Meeting ‘risk takers’ and fostering open feedback

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