You Have Employer Brand Headcount. Now What? | @Holland_Dombeck on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Sep 27, 2018

Despite all the AI and programmatic trends, it seems like hiring is still hit or miss.

People are just too unpredictable. Roles evolve. There are a million variables that make it really hard to see 3 feet ahead, let alone that 30,000 foot view many leadership speakers talk about.

But building an employer brand team can’t be a blind bet when you have ROI to prove. Budgets don’t just get handed around without measurable, actionable results. Few people know that better than our most recent guest, Holland McCue, Head of Global Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Programs at a major airline.

After 7 years in the recruiting industry as a writer, team builder and employer brand practitioner, Holland has experienced the evolution of the industry. With that, the evolution of the ideal employer brand team. “I think it’s really cool that every organisation has it’s own employer brand team structure. Every practice is wildly different.”

What if you’re a company that doesn’t have an employer brand team yet and you need to make one hire to start? Should companies look for someone with a recruitment or marketing background? It depends. Like Holland said – every practice is wildly different.

This started an employer brand hiring debate.

Our guests had different ideas for both the technical and soft skills every employer brand team should be looking for. Here’s what they shared.

Holland McCue: “I would find someone with a recruitment background. I got lucky that I was doing marketing for recruiting so I was doing this hybrid and seeing someone who supported recruitment services. I need to have someone who has recruitment experience.”

Katrina Kibben: “I would hire someone who is a marketer in the recruiting space. I would also look for someone who does not have a linear resume. I want somebody with varied experience across marketing mediums.”

Audra Knight: “ I would hire a marketer. I love how they bring in such fresh ideas and they don’t think like the recruiters. You can teach them how to learn it. ”

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