Lessons From Failure | @Lars Schmidt on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Sep 18, 2018

The recruiting discipline has been very “hush hush” when it comes to sharing case studies and best in class practices.

For a long time, those case studies and strategies were treated as the competitive advantage because unlike so many professional fields, there are few educational paths that would prepare you for a role in recruiting or employer brand. No one talked about failure, just the best case scenarios. Our guest this past April, Lars Schmidt, decided to flip that secrecy model on it’s head for the betterment of the industry.

Any recruiting course load would be eclectic, to say the least. It could include everything from technical copywriting to marketing, and even HTML. That broad array of skills that we expect from these leaders becomes the challenge for so many leaders attempting to train their team. It create a natural inertia where teams are so focused on the here and now, but not tomorrow.

That’s where Lars saw an opportunity and it’s one of the reasons why he created HROS.

“So much is happening around us and the world of the now is changing rapidly. If we’re not forcing ourselves to look up and look around at all these things that are happening around us, by the time we pull our head up, it’s a different world.”

This natural and evolving chaos makes finding tools that can help you keep up with the pace of what’s happening vitally important.

But information alone wasn’t the value. They wanted to talk about failure.

They were looking for peers to brainstorm on failure, connect on progress and evolve their practices. That’s where HROS came in. Unlike many traditional education models, HROS let the students drive the education.

“We are not the ones saying this is what you should focus on. Our role is to create the platform and a vehicle for the community to say what they need and what they are struggling with. We help find examples of that in the community that we can bring to life to inspire other folks.”

After all of the stories and case studies, Lars quickly realized where the most valuable lessons for employer brand teams of any size or experience level lived: in sharing failure. “Having a case study saying, ‘this is where I failed,’ embeds a degree of humility and creates a safe place.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Lars share more:

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