Content Marketing SOS! | @MattAlder on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jan 7, 2019

How do you cut through, how do you resonate with potential employees? Start with a content strategy!

Matt Alder has talked to well over 200 talent acquisition leaders and you will be surprised about their content marketing strategy, or lack thereof.  Creator and host of the very popular The Recruiting Future podcast, co-author of Exceptional Talent and consultant at Metashift, there is little Matt doesn’t know about content marketing.

In the replay you’ll hear Matt explain the basic principles of content marketing, reassuring us that they are not that different for your in-house marketing team, and the need to focus on 3 key areas: attention, persuasion and conversion.

Matt has realised that the challenge for companies is ensuring they don’t neglect one part of the model.

“I’m not seeing companies take full advantage of content marketing in the same way they do in other sectors.”

Sobering words for those talent acquisition or recruitment teams still struggling with the concept or those who are about to start their journey.

Offering some guidance and comfort,

“Storytelling is critical to effective content marketing. Get to grips with storytelling now and you’ll have a higher success rate when creating engaging content, and that is all about creating personas of your ideal candidates.”

Matt starts with, who are you trying to reach?’, ‘where is your audience?’, ‘how do we reach them?’,  ‘how do we get content to them?’, and importantly, ‘what reaction are we looking from the audience to the content?.

What is the best content marketing strategy?

Teams are “not thinking about how to produce the right types of content in a strategic way to achieve their talent acquisition objective”. He shared advice on how to self-correct and set a path to the ‘content nirvana!’

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Matt talk about:


  • the low-cost barrier to entry for video and audio production
  • in-house versus outsourcing of content marketing
  • organic versus paid-for content and how to effectively repurpose content
  • avoiding overthinking content creation.
  • the fever around AI and what tech you should use, and
  • Matt’s hopes for content marketing in 2019

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