Blasting Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Nov 8, 2019

Recruitment is easy peasy, right?

When we invited Amy Miller onto the show, we knew we were in for fast-talking, straight-to-the-point (no BS) opinions and at least one hilarious rant about the state of the recruitment industry! 💪🏻

Amy Miller is a “recruitment badass!” and author of the popular blog, Recruiting in Yoga Pants. Amy has been in the recruitment industry since early 2000, where she started agency-side because she was “promised I would make a lot of money” and where she experienced the full cycle “feast and famine” of agency life. The switch to in-house recruiter came in 2011 where she joined a small company and then progressed from there to Microsoft and now Google.

The focus of the show was a recent article Amy had discovered about “turning recruitment into a second income” It infers that recruitment is really easy – talk about red-rag to a recruitment bull! So Amy shared her thoughts and expanded on the blog post she wrote in response.

A sweet little girl from Kansas…

Getting straight to the point, Amy tells us why she is so irritated!

“It said, flat out, recruiting is a great side gig, and how anyone could just leverage the product, and then just sit back and make money”.

Just to be sure Amy “read the article 4 or 5 times” and then she wrote her blog post in response and then “on every bit of social media I have offered to debate with the founders and author.”

What underpins her annoyance is a deep pride in her role as a recruitment professional, “we talk a lot about emotional currency, and what makes people change jobs and why they would take a recruiter’s call – all the actual hard work we do every day,” and simplifying that would probably irritate some recruitment and talent acquisition professionals in the industry. Amy added,

“At least be sensible about who you are targeting and how you’re positioning, because if your premise and your value proposition is that everyone else sucks, you’re doing it wrong!”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Amy talk about:


  • Variation of platforms, products and services
  • Technology advocacy
  • Candidate coaching and counselling 
  • Championing the industry  
  • Tips for being a recruitment sleuth
  • Curiosity being key in recruitment 

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