Videos & Candidate Engagement | @JonathanFoyne on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Apr 9, 2019

Video is only a silver bullet with a strategy!

On last week’s show, “Recovering recruitment agency owner” Jonathan Foyne, delivered a masterclass on maximising ROI when using video for talent acquisition and recruitment.

Having successfully driven the growth of two recruitment businesses over a 14 year period, Jonathan was an early-adopter,

“Video became a huge part of what we did, and it started with the attraction piece and moved into the wider engagement piece.”

In 2016, he “lifted the whole video model and created a completely separate business” that still services the Talent and HR space. Jobviddy was born!

Having seen the benefits of video early, Jonathan still maintains that the “staffing industry, especially on the agency side, are slow adopters” and how he saw “3 or 4 years ago it was going to be massive!”. Furthermore, he tells us his

“Biggest frustration is when he speaks to anyone in the recruitment or TA space around the use of video or video content” as “the focus seems to be around the attraction piece instead of the whole end-to-end talent journey.”

The content is doing the selling

Jonathan’s opinion is that “if you’ve got some great videos, you want them doing the work for you” and points out, “unlike us, video can work for you 24/7”. When questioned about production value versus authenticity, he tells us:

“Production is all about the relevance to your audience.”

As a closing tip for any companies thinking about creating video content, Jonathan gives clear guidance as he tells us, “7% of a video is what you say, 55 % is body language and 38% is general tone”.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Jonathan talk about:


  • Tips and guidance on identifying and generating free content
  • Using subtitles and tips for tools/apps
  • The importance of using bespoke Thumbnails
  • Understanding bounce rates and heatmaps
  • Using video segments for microcontent
  • Maximising ROI when engaging production companies

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