Is Video The End For Text Only Job Adverts? | @StephenODonn on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Apr 16, 2019

Can video rehumanise the recruitment process?

When you’re looking for a guest with less than 24-hours notice, who better to step up and save the day that the Founder & Chairman of the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA) and the Founder of Recruiter Zone – the marvellous, Stephen O’Donnell.

With over 30 years of experience in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry, Stephen has the knowledge to advise us on what industry trends have the potential to become widely adopted; on this show, he tells us

“Text adverts, as the first point of call, are not working anymore – it’s the law of diminishing returns.”

In his opinion, the use of video will

“Rehumanise the recruitment process.”

Challenging our thinking further on this subject, Stephen makes the point that “on job boards now, you’re almost unlimited in the amount of text you can put in – which is good from one perspective but terrible in another”, he argues, “candidates look at the job title, location and they look at the salary and they may skim a little bit of the content” and this results in “lots of irrelevant applicants” and “passive candidates are not seeing enough to pull them in, so they are just not applying”.

Demonstrate your expertise

Stephen believes the catalyst for the adoption has been driven by video interviewing companies as they “have opened up the world to the use of video”. He also tells us,

“From a diversity point of view, video job adverts are more engaging” and this has been illustrated by one of his clients observing “170% more applicants” and “50% uptick in applications of females applying for jobs”.

Stephen is a firm believer that “the future is video!”.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Stephen talk about:


  • Beginners guide to video for recruitment
  • Video production tips and low-cost tools
  • Increasing diversity through the use of video
  • The pros and cons of Candidate Video CV’s
  • Using YouTube as a platform for content
  • How Recruitment agencies will adopt video

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