Running Again…But Should I Have Slowed Down? | @SarahMcKennaHR on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Apr 29, 2020

Running Again? What do I love to do?

As we continue to navigate the changing recruitment and HR landscape. Are you feeling as if you are running again due to the impact of COVID-19. This week Sarah McKenna joins us to offer her thoughts and opinions on how to use this time to reflect. Firstly,  on your recruitment business and, what you’ve achieved whilst evaluating your future professional and personal goals.

Sarah is a recruitment professional with over a decade of experience. Can you believe she got into recruitment “by accident”.  She experienced the 2008 recession where she “got made redundant” and now she is “in control of my own destiny”. As a result, she is now the MD of her own business which focuses on the HR market.

We chat with Sarah about the impact of the current climate, and how she is approaching her clients.

“HR is all about who you know and your network”. For this reason, she is taking “a chance to stop” and “see what the last 3.5 years has actually been about”. For her, it’s also a “great chance to get my vision, get my brand and my voice the way I want it to be”.

My business is built on me!

With the rise in social media activity owing to the lockdown in numerous countries Globally.  We switched to the subject of recruitment companies and their social messaging. Sarah’s thoughts on this topic,

“It’s your business, your brand and your reputation and you’re putting yourself out there” and “my business is built on me”.

We asked her about her LinkedIn post “give myself permission ” and why she posted it. Her response is refreshingly honest, open, and very emotive. Sarah shared that she was feeling a little deflated and wondered,

“Are people not seeing me for who I am”

Do people understand the effort levels required to sustain your own business. If you’re a recruiter, you will really relate to the ‘placement barren spell’ that all recruiters experience once in their career.  It not only challenges your motivation levels, but leaves you questioning your abilities. Such bravery, to share this message openly, deserves respect.

We end the show by asking Sarah what she’s focusing on at the moment, she says “what this [time] has given me is time to gather my thoughts” and “evaluate what I want to”. Sarah offered some advice to HR professionals thinking about their employees in a post-COVID-19 climate, she says, “everybody’s reality is going to be different” and therefore initiatives focused on “mental health and well being is going to be huge and have to be offered!”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Sarah talk about:

  • How do you find the optimum balance of working time
  • Prioritising family and work when you’re working remotely
  • Your ideal working space for productivity
  • Evaluating your social media messaging
  • Building a mixed network for support and advice
  • Finding time to learn new skills – how easy is that?

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