Mastering Mass Messages: @MikeChuidian on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | May 8, 2018

The shoes are sweet.

With more shoes than an NBA player, those Air Jordans might be the first thing you notice about Mike Chuidian but the moment he opens his mouth to speak on mass messages or sourcing, it’s his brain that will make you want to know more.

Mike Chuidian has been in sourcing and recruiting for over 10 years building strategy with companies you’ve probably heard of – Comcast, Deloitte, and Sears. Now working at Lowe’s as a Senior Talent Sourcing Consultant, Mike is putting all of his industry expertise to work building their first global sourcing team and joined us to tell his story. When we met for [popover text=”Audra Knight & Katrina Collier have co-hosted this informative weekly recruitment chat show since 2016 and had guests from all over the globe.” trigger=”hover”]The #SocialRecruiting Show[/popover] last week, Mike touched on this and so much more, offering us a masters level course in the fundamentals of sourcing from what to look for in a sourcer to how to manage your hiring manager.

In every angle of the conversation, Mike pointed back to one fundamental human truth as the real key to his success: Empathy. It’s what he looks for in colleagues, candidates and in every interaction. But then, Mike stunned us.

“When I worked for Sears – I built a dope data science team – contacted 2000 people, response rate 75%.”

If that data doesn’t surprise you, you don’t recruit. 75% is an amazing number and response rate is a consistent challenge across the board. Of course we had to ask him how he does it.

How To Create Personalised, Effective Mass Messages

  • Always start with a subject line – reel them in from the first second.
  • The most important part of message is the first sentence – “hey don’t mean to bother you” leads to a response of “no, no bother at all.” Don’t ask yes or no questions that can easily make people lose interest. “It’s about how can I grab them with the first sentence – they will read through the whole message no matter how long,” said Mike.
  • Short and sweet is a myth. Mike said he has found a sweet spot tailoring his messages to 700-900 characters. Stay away from “wanted to reach out”, “my name is”, “I’ve got an opportunity” in your word count. Remember, the people you’re contacting are hearing from a lot of people just like you. You only have one choice if you want to be effective: stand out.
  • Exude fun on the message in the first few sentences. Write to them like you want them to be a friend. How would you try to contact someone if you really cared about building a relationship with them as a friend.
  • Always Be Experimenting. Mike is constantly experimenting with messaging – what messages work best.

 The best part about Mike? He’s a teacher at heart. If you’re interested in learning more you’ll definitely want to follow him @MikeChuidian

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Mike share more:-

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