To Tool Or Not To Tool?: @TalentGenie on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | May 4, 2018

Tool overload is a real thing.

With a new sourcing tool and recruiting technologies released every day, it’s not easy to separate the mess from the rest.

As hiring professionals we fall into the inevitable patterns and habits when things are working; doing the same things over and over then wondering why the results are diminishing over time. This bothers me, my co-host Audra Knight, and our guest of the week Maisha Cannon, Sourcing Leader at Procore Technologies. When we met for [popover text=”Audra Knight & Katrina Collier have co-hosted this informative weekly recruitment chat show since 2016 and had guests from all over the globe.” trigger=”hover”]The #SocialRecruiting Show[/popover] last week, Maisha touched on this and so much more.

Starting as an HR intern at the legendary Castle Rock Entertainment (producers of Seinfeld), Maisha quickly discovered a passion for people on her road to becoming the legendary sourcing expert we know today. Her path was atypical to most. She started in HR, then went into recruiting and finally sourcing as opposed to the traditional agency to sourcing road. You could feel the energy buzzing off of her as she shared the moment she discovered her place.

When I finally felt the pace of recruiting, I knew this was it.

Tech, people and process are Maisha’s favourite things – and those values and her creative approach are exactly what make her so special. Unlike so many “tool junkies” Maisha has a different approach to sourcing tools. Rather than going all in, Maisha likes to figure out the underlying problems – not just in her own company but in conversations from people in her network. So often these conversations reveal that the problems are really so much deeper than a scraper or Chrome extension. They’re problems tech can’t solve. She knows better than anyone that the ultimate sourcing tool is your brain.

I build strategies first then find the tools to support it.

Reflecting her own process-oriented style, Maisha’s tech stack is about creating efficiencies in her everyday tasks. From Evernote to TextExpander for templated emails, Maisha shared her go-to sourcing tech stack for making you more efficient. Loom, a video messaging tool that allows you to record quick videos or your screen + video, is her most recent addition. She uses the tool to do hiring manager introductions and now, thanks to a suggestion from Audra, she’s considering using it with candidates too.

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