Must-Listen Podcasts For Recruitment Marketers | @TennilleFolk on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Sep 11, 2018

Recruitment marketers is not a new field.

In fairness, many of us were doing recruitment marketing long before it had a name or subject matter experts. Back then we just called it, “recruiting strategy.” Yet in recent years, the field is gaining momentum and many in-house recruiters are trying to build the business case for a better way to translate their employer brand into action. Tennille Folk, our guest last week, was in those same shoes and came to the show to share her experience.

“It started with a business case. We are a company of numbers driven people. We talk in numbers. So for me to even start having that conversation we needed some really good data.”

But it wasn’t the data alone that sold the program.

After working with her LinkedIn team and every resource she could find online, Tennille built this business case with a combination of data, stories and most importantly – support. That support came with a team of hand-picked advocates. Rather than focusing on location or seniority, Tennille focused on people with unique experiences.

“For me it was about who is passionate about this but also who understands a little bit about candidate experience.”

Building and growing the program has been a work in progress – learning about subcultures within the global offices and telling the story in a highly-regulated industry. Tennille still finds herself looking for resources on recruitment marketing and many of our viewers shared her quest, asking for resources, podcasts and webinars where they could learn more.

Must-Hear Recruitment (and Marketing) Podcasts and Blogs:

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Tennille share more:

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