3 Ways To Use Chatbots For Recruiting | @JonathanDuarte on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Nov 14, 2018

Automation is all the rage.

It seems like everyone is talking about machine learning this or AI that. Yet when we ask for solid, practical examples, there just aren’t many case studies. That’s the reality of AI at the present. Recruiting teams are intrigued but have no idea where to even start. That’s why we invited our guest Jonathan Duarte Chatbot & Recruiting Automation Architect at GoHire, to join us to talk about tech where automation is actually happening today: chatbots.

As a job board veteran, Jonathan, knew automation was on the horizon.

“I’ve been building HR Tech for 23+ years. I started one of the first job boards in ‘96. So, three years out of high school or college, I saw a $250 billion dollar industry called staffing and thought, ‘if you can automate it, you can fix it, right?’”

Looking back, Jonathan admits it was a naive approach to solving recruiting problems. Automation just wasn’t that simple and in fact, we still don’t have it all figured out. “A lot of people today get really confused because every salesperson can spell AI but what they really do is automate,” said Jonathan.

That was just the beginning for Jonathan. Over the years, he has tried his hand at many products. His technologist background lent itself to staying ahead of the trends. Recently, Jonathan has specifically watched communication methods. How were candidates finding jobs? How could they stay in touch?

Ultimately today, Jonathan believes the answer is chatbots.

As our go-to chatbot expert, we asked Jonathan to share three key use cases where you should consider integrating chatbots into your process.

  1. Interview Scheduling. As a recruiter, you spend a lot of time scheduling interviews or you have a recruiting coordinator. Even a small recruiting team of five to seven people waste 20 percent of their time doing something that would be far easier and less time consuming for a chatbot. “If you get rid of that then you can actually have more time talking to the right candidates – which is far more important.”
  2. Candidate Acquisition. When using your typical applicant tracking systems and web forms, less than 10 percent of people will fill out the form. Be innovative to capture candidates in the moment. One way to do that is to put your chat bot on the key conversion pages. It’s a different way to engage. It’s not expensive. Plus, the ROI is great because you get twice as many candidates.
  3. Employer Branding. Deliver video via chat to get key messages in front of the right people at the right time before, during and after the apply. Educate candidates about other roles that are available, perks, benefits and your value proposition.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Jonathan share more: 

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