5 Minutes On: Corporate Branded Face Masks

by | Sep 8, 2020

Do corporate branded face masks really show you care?

Transcript of corporate branded face masks created by Otter.ai

So yesterday I saw a recruitment agency suggest that as part of the great feeling of giving care, they’re going to get put branded face masks, or they are they have done put branded face masks into their care package for people who are having to return to the office. And I reacted really interestingly to that and being a naturally curious person and, obviously thinking curiosity is very important, it is part of the Mastermind, it’s a big part of the book. I was like, okay, am I just overreacting here to the thought of people getting branded face masks. So by that, you know, in my head, I’m thinking the mask has the corporate logo on it. So you’re going to go out to the shops to purchase your lunch, with your mask on of course, and be advertising for the company. It kind of creeped me out.

I mean, it could be I’m a little anti-corporate; I’ve worked for myself for years. You know I rebel against all of the idea of being in a uniform, for example, that’s what it feels like to me. But to check my sanity and to make sure I wasn’t being ridiculous, I, of course, went to Twitter and just tested the theory out on whether you should be putting corporate branded masks in your care packages. And is that actually showing that you’re caring?

I got some really interesting responses, so I wanted to share some of them with you. I won’t name names. I love this one though. I received a mask today in our brand colours with a pretty print, no logo. It came with a branded flask and a mug and a personal note that I’d passed probation and she loved it. So that’s kind of okay, unless your branding… like your branding colours are awful. Mine’s actually really quite a bright orange. I’m not sure how I feel about walking around with that on my face but I do love that reaction.

And then another one here was, ‘No, I couldn’t imagine walking around with it. But it could be useful in a corporate swag idea handout complimentary face mask prior to face to face final interviews’ like being precautious, and all that kind of stuff. Now I thought that was great. However, I also think that most job seekers would just like to have feedback at the end of their interview, which actually would just be so much easier and free, of course, as well. I did like this one as well, my marketing team’s stance was that they didn’t want our brand associated with a disease. So just something to think about.

Now, I understand this is just my personal values. And you may think it’s a brilliant idea. And I get that, but I just think it needs to be really, really thought through. Are there potentially better ways that you can be supporting your team if they’re having to return to the office? I feel anybody involved in the world of recruitment and HR and agency recruitment, I don’t feel they necessarily need to return to the office. And I think that we’re kind of making them feel probably quite vulnerable. So I think it would be better to talk to your team and see what they really need. Many of them may still want to work flexible hours, work from home, have other things they might rather have a better setup at home than investing in face masks that are branded, which you can pretty well guarantee they’ll look at and say that’s nice and then not wear.

5 Minutes On: Corporate Branded Face Masks Katrina CollierAgain, I might be cynical and please add in the comments if you think that I’m being that way I don’t really have an issue with that. If you did want to buy them a face mask though there are other options. So take the amazing Amanda Arrowsmith who makes these brilliant, absolutely brilliant face masks. This is actually designed by the incredibly talented Simon Heath, but she doesn’t for charity off her own back. I’ve put the link to where you can find her. What about actually purchasing some of those and letting people select a design that’s more in keeping with their creativity and their own style? You know, if you’re not making them wear a uniform to work, do they need to wear a uniform on their face? I don’t know. I love what she’s done there.

Other options of course if you’re in the agency world, a little plug here, I donated the royalties from The Robot-Proof Recruiter to a charity, so what about grabbing them a copy of that so they can really up those human skills that they’re going to need going forward in this time to really, gosh, address people’s fears. You know, people won’t want to come into an interview, they’re going to need persuasion to come back into the office. A lot of people are going to be feeling great apprehension at changing jobs in this time as well. So what about grabbing them copies of that you can even buy branded copies if you purchase 100 as well, speak to Kogan page. Again, my royalties go to Hope for Justice, which aims to end modern-day slavery, so I don’t feel too bad giving it a plug.

Anyway, that is just my thoughts. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think about branded face masks and whether it’s just a step too far, and perhaps we should do something else. And thank you, Mr. Pettigrew. He is the reason that I do so much for Hope for Justice and he’s just said here “everyone should buy your book.” I think he’s a little biased, but everyone should buy my book. Anyway, thank you for your time. I shall see you tomorrow I went to what I will be ranting about tomorrow for five minutes. Anyway, see you then.

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