Better Interview Conversations | @Sehaam on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Sep 3, 2019

Does tech negatively impact conversations?

This week on the show we explore the connectivity between Recruitment and Executive Coaching with our guest, Sehaam Cyrene. Sehaam works with senior executives and teams to “unblock the blockages” and help them “get past the misunderstandings” that can result in missed deadlines.

Prior to founding Paper Tuner, Sehaam worked for talent management consultancies which covered areas such as psychology, psycholinguistics, behavioural economics, assessments and growth planning. Now as an Executive Coach and host of the Better Conversations podcast, she helps executives and teams improve communication, learn about how to effectively influence and move past conflict.

She describes what she does now as “the other side” of what we do in recruitment as she sees how people are,

“Settling into organisations and their teams” and “how they are making connections.”

The limitations of old structures

On the show, Sehaam talks about how collaboration tools have their limitations as she tells us,

“If your culture is in a bad place, tech is only going to amplify the problem.”

Furthermore, she highlights the importance of communication as the boundaries between roles are blurred as “roles are evolving rapidly”.

Discussing the subject of interview conversations, she thinks there is an “over reliance on old structures for a new way of working” and this creates a “disconnect.” She encourages Hiring Managers to talk to their team members as they “will have a lot of opinions on what they need in the team” as she warns that the “easiest option is to reach for the last job description and push that out.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Sehaam talk about:-


  • Generational conflict resolution techniques
  • Team input into job specifications
  • Collaboration tools and your culture
  • Using active listening and intuition to make people decisions
  • Mentally preparing for interview conversations
  • Preparing for better conversations

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