Do recruiters pay attention to their Candidates? | @TLColson on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | May 6, 2019

Do recruiters pay enough attention to their candidates?

For this week’s show, we delve back into the archives and head back to 2017 when we spoke to Tammy Colson. Katrina and Tammy connected over a tweet about recruiters leaving LinkedIn to use Facebook, and Tammy made the bold statement that ‘most recruiters were lazy’. We were instantly curious to know more!

On the show we learn that Tammy grew up in a household where her Dad “owned a Robert Half franchise”, and recruitment wasn’t her first choice and she “tried to get out of it by going into the Marine Corp”, thankfully,

“It didn’t work” and her “first job out of college was recruiting”.

Now with over 15-years in the industry, Tammy is the Founder of TalentCrib.

Getting to the point of recruiters being lazy, we ask Tammy why and she tells us,

In any job, if you find something that works, no matter how well it works, it’s really easy to not change.”

Feedback is a gift

In her role with TalentCrib, Tammy encounters internal recruiters regularly and tells us “they don’t want to learn because they think what they’re doing is working” and there is a common trend that they “learn about new tools and then do nothing with them”. She has some sympathy for recruiters as she understands they slip into a state of  “analysis-paralysis” where they have “too much information and they don’t know how to process it simultaneously”.

Tammy’s advice is to start with improving the basics such as feedback; with candidates that “ask a lot of questions” she tries to

“Satisfy that innate curiosity, and at least try to give them a direction.”

She tells us to be as “transparent as possible with the feedback.”

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Tammy talk about:

  • Paying attention to candidates
  • Quality versus Quantity – reviewing applications
  • Training Hiring Managers to use social media
  • Using recruitment technology effectively
  • Third party recruiters need to change

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