Altruistic vs. Transactional Recruitment | @DedicateRecruit on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jul 7, 2020

Place your candidate at the heart of the recruitment process

Isn’t recruitment just about getting people into jobs as quickly as possible? Then charging a fee for the service?  This week’s guest, Liz Nevett, doesn’t agree with this statement and joined us to share her thoughts, experiences, and opinions on why altruism can be adopted easily by recruiters!

Firstly, we talk to Liz about her journey into recruitment. Where she, “learned how to become a better and well-rounded recruiter. Most importantly, using those human skills and taking notice of what candidates really wanted”. Having both agency and in-house recruitment experience,  she decided to establish her own recruitment business.

To clarify, what Liz means by altruistic. She says, “altruism is where you are providing a benefit to another person that isn’t beneficial for you”.  In short, “a generous-hearted action”. In terms of recruitment, what does this mean? She tells us, “it’s about the candidate-led process, where you can make it a positive experience for them whatever the outcome”.


Build trust and have better conversations

The question of why recruitment consultants are transactional is tabled and Liz says, “it can be their training”. However, she believes this can be changed through the right mentor or following the example of peers.  She goes on to say, “when you see a mentor or one of your peers working a certain way, it can be a revelation!”.

Altruism can be expressed in some very simple ways, Liz tells us, “if someone isn’t successful in an interview, I’ll go back to them and say, here’s what we’re going to do as an action plan – there is a role out there for you”. Additionally, “I won’t over-promise” and she aims to always get “honest feedback from the client”.

To sum up, Liz reminds us to acknowledge that during the period of lockdown as a result of COVID-19 that, “people are feeling anxious” and tells us, “my candidates are feeling vulnerable and things have changed” so she has been “really getting to know them as people – as a result, they really bought into that and I’ve been getting a lot more feedback from them”.


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Liz talk about:

  • Do competition and KPI’s drive the right behaviours?    
  • Grow your confidence to respectfully challenge the client 
  • The changing landscape of the recruitment industry 
  • Providing feedback: even when it’s bad news  
  • Reframing the value of recruitment 
  • Building meaningful long-term working relationships


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Altruistic vs. Transactional Recruitment | @DedicateRecruit on The #SocialRecruiting Show Katrina Collier

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