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A place for recruiters to connect, share and grow. Through coaching and mentoring from Katrina Collier, sprinkled with peer-to-peer learning.

Ready to win in this candidate-driven hiring market?

The Collective develops the skills you need to fill roles in this market.

Led by Katrina Collier, you will be guided into creating beneficial partnerships with hiring managers, and work at engaging, attracting and converting (even) more candidates.

Plus, you will feel empowered & less stressed! 

Who doesn’t want that?

Next meeting of The Collective is on February 14. Come join us 💜








Though technology won’t replace recruiters it sure creates barriers to hiring!

Technology creates noise and transparency. It makes engaging people harder. People keep their phones within reach but ignore calls, emails, messages, notifications, and texts. Even from friends and family!

So why would people respond to a robotic-recruiter? 🤷‍♀️

❌  Technology has made finding and messaging people far too easy. And this has led to mass recruiter spam.

❌  Technology gave recruiters something to hide behind. And ghosting has led to distrust and even disdain for recruiters.

Had enough? This Collective is for you if you want to standout from your peers. You are ready to up level. And you want to fill roles with greater ease.

⚠️ Warning: side effects of The Collective include:

The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

A thought leader on tap in fortnightly sessions dealing with real life situations.

The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

Being energised. There’s a reason those faces are beaming above. Energy!

The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

Interacting. Each call is an opportunity to get help on your specific scenarios.

The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

Your peers cheering you on, both on calls and in our private community!

Better to hear it from your peers though!

From my book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter, and 2020, I developed the Mastermind. The Collective takes the best of it to a new level! So though recruiters below refer to the original programme, they will give you an idea of what it will be like working with me.

The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier
The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier
The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

So what is The Collective?

Finding candidates unresponsive or non-commital? Got challenging hiring managers? The Collective is the antidote!

Why is there so much focus on tools, technology and data when we are people recruiting people? People who are quirky, emotional, and led by our own moral compasses. People who do the unexpected, when we least expect it.

I created The Collective because it takes human skills to attract, engage, and successfully convert a prospect into a new employee.

Especially in this market! 

But there are few spaces for recruitment and talent acquisition professionals to regularly and safely meet to be open and vulnerable about work life. A place to tackle the tough issues and grow and evolve, guided by a compassionate and experienced leader, and a cheer squad of peers.

I want you owning your recruitment and human superpowers, partnering better with hiring managers, and filling more roles. If you want that too, come join The Collective. 

In detail

  • The Collective is now open for recruiters to join at any time.
  • Every 2 weeks we meet for a lively 90-minute Zoom session of coaching and mentoring. That’s 3 hours each month!
  • To cater for timezones and gain broad perspectives, we meet at 4pm UK (11am Eastern).
  • You will have access to the learning you cannot receive live via an audio recording that you can listen to at your convenience.
  • You will join & submit your challenges ahead of time in our private community, so we won’t waste a precious moment.
  • You will tap into over 19 years of recruitment industry experience and the knowledge I have gained working with recruiters, in a wide array of industries and locations, across the world.
  • You will learn tools that I have gained whilst healing, that you will find useful in most situations.
  • Audio recordings of all past sessions will be securely available in the private community while you remain a member.


Tackling real scenarios, I will help you develop some or all of the following robot-proof human superpowers:

  • Trust | Self-Worth

    TRUST: Without trust you will never get the information you need from your hiring managers or be able to woo a candidate! You need to develop trust fast and be worthy of someone’s time.

    SELF-WORTH: Recruiters are on the receiving end of hiring manager expectations and candidate disappointment. It takes its toll. Let’s put tools in place to ensure you can rebuild your self-worth.

  • Curiosity | Active Listening

    CURIOSITY, The best recruiters look further, delve deeper, ask more questions, listen for the unspoken, question the status quo and strive to do better. Let’s bring out your curious inner toddler!

    POWER LISTENING. In this world of interruption, this is one super power that will set you apart from your competition. 


  • Empathy & Compassion | Self-Awareness

    EMPATHY & COMPASSION: Empathy is putting yourself into the shoes of another. Couple it with compassion, and you will be able to provide true consultation to both your candidates and hiring managers.

    SELF-AWARENESS leads to self-responsibility A recruiter’s role is so important, we are the face of our company or our client’s company. This key skill is too often overlooked.

  • Influencing | Fearlessness

    INFLUENCING is the power to have an effect on people or things. You need the right kind of influence to persuade hiring managers, convert candidates, and even to get HR to onboard!

    FEARLESSNESS is a super power. It’s the one that will make you contact people even if they scare you. It is the one you’ll use to deliver feedback. And it’s the one you will even use to say no to hiring managers!


  • Clarity | Certainty

    CLARITY saves you time! Providing transparency should be easy but so often you are relying on information from other people but if you deliver clarity your recruitment will run smoothly.

    CERTAINTY = reliably true. By sharing the expected process and outcomes, you will keep both your candidates and hiring managers confident in your ability. Even if things change!

  • Collaboration

    COLLABORATION: the future of work is collaborative and project based, whether you stay in recruitment or talent acquisition, or move onto a new career. Let’s end the chaos. 

Hover over each human skill to reveal more.

Edition 2 The Robot-Proof RecruiterBonus! 🤩

You will receive your very own copy of The Robot-Proof Recruiter. Signed, just for you!


Ready for results like these?

What a ride! An unexpected journey of discovery with like-minded people. Not only have we become better at our jobs, but we have also learned to be closer to and therefore better versions of ourselves!

Kim Lokenberg

Sourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialist, The Lokenbergs

The best decision ever in my life when it comes to self-development. I feel like a child who is learning to know herself; it is such a journey for me. It will definitely help me to be even better in my profession!

Tímea Tóth

Senior Recruitment Partner, DTT Recruitment

What a meaningful opportunity to grow! Opening your mind and integrating best practices with simplicity while being part of a diverse group of HR pros. If you speak English as a second language, do not hesitate to join, it is for you too.

Sabina Divosi

Headhunter & Talent Partner, SabinaDivosi.Com

Invest in yourself & your future

The Collective is open for recruiters to join at any time.

Future 90 minute sessions – in UK time – are Feb 14th 4pm, Mar 2nd 3pm, Mar 14th 3pm, Mar 29th 4pm, and then every other Tuesday at 4pm (except these two are on Mondays, May 22nd & Jun 5th). (Time Zone Converter)

  • For individuals: pay £99, €115 or US $120 monthly (VAT inclusive).
  • For companies: pay 6 monthly (plus VAT – UK & I)

10% of 6-monthly payments is donated to Hope for Justice charity. 🧡

The Collective: pay monthly

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Choose your preferred currency:

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Creating results!

Guided Mastermind feedback
The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

Do you have any questions?

Check out the FAQs below or drop me a line; I am happy to answer them.



Woah, why isn't this free?

Because the value of developing yourself is priceless.

  • What’s the emotional toll of difficult hiring managers and unresponsive candidates?
  • What impact would being a better recruiter have on you both financially & emotionally?
  • Could developing yourself lead to a promotion or a pay rise?
  • And if you are in staffing, how much would you earn from more placements?

And because, like you are paid for your skills and expertise, I need to be too to keep my bills paid.

What if I miss a session? 🤨

You will be able to catch up via the recording, which is audio only so you can listen anywhere.

So for the monthly payment you still have access to 3 hours of coaching & mentoring, some live, some recorded, and you still have access to the private community.

Tell me more about the private community

I have created a private WhatsApp community for us. When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive the information to join the community. It means it’s easier to ask questions, get reminders and so on.

I tried a separate site for this but the group preferred WhatsApp!


Why is it called The Collective?

The word collective came from Mike Hendel when I asked past Mastermind members for their thoughts on what we could call a place for recruiters to connect, share and grow through coaching and mentoring, sprinkled with peer-to-peer learning. A collection of recruiters who want to recruit human-first!

Why is this more effective than training?

Training, even with the best intention, can be too much to implement and often gets left behind. The Collective is real scenario micro-learning, coaching and mentoring rolled into one. 

But isn't technology the future?

Of course, technology will always play an active role in our careers but it’s all about how you use it. Think of this as learning how to play a concerto on a piano! Technology works best when it’s in a supporting role and we are ‘playing’ it beautifully.

Can you run this for a team of recruiters at the same company?
The Collective With Katrina Collier Katrina Collier

Most of GroupM’s TA Team!

Yes it is possible but there is a level of honesty, freedom and collaboration that comes from working with people outside of your organisation. So let’s have a chat to see what is best for your people and team.

I have a different question

No problem, drop me a line. Happy to help!

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