Blasting More Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter back on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Dec 8, 2019

Recruitment is not as simple as matching keywords!

Amy Miller was a great guest, however, we felt like she had some unfinished business as the reason for her angst on the show 2-weeks ago, still existed! – and what was more, the proposition was getting more airtime on a very prominent and well-respected podcast…mention no names, however, it’s HR’s most dangerous podcast!

For those of you not familiar with Amy (by now!), just head to Recruiting in Yoga Pants and you’ll learn all you need to know about this ‘recruitment badass!’. For those of you that didn’t tune into show #142, here’s a quick recap – Amy had discovered an article entitled “turning recruitment into a second income” (hmmmmm!), it had inferred that recruitment was really easy (oh no you didn’t!) – so she wrote a blog post she wrote in repsonse (she was annoyed!)…and then we invited her on the show to tell us all about it…(drop the mic!)

Given the success of the show #142 and the debate it sparked, coupled with the fact that Amy still had a raft of questions such as…

…how do you “just go get a client to pay 20%” fees?

…“is this a service-play or a data-play”?

…and why are they “acquiring other staffing agencies” and does that mean they are going to consider doing “the hard functional work of recruiting?”.

We just had to have her back on the show. Ding! Ding! – seconds out, ROUND 2!

 A high bar to stay!

Straight out the gate, Amy lets us know about her passion for recruitment and she tells us,

“If your sales pitch is that the rest of us suck and if you need to tear down another business to raise up your own, maybe you need to think about your service offering, because maybe it’s not that good!”.

Clearly, a 2-week break hadn’t quelled her ire!

As we explore the subject of AI in recruitment, Amy agrees that “there are so many things that could be automated, however, we’re just skipping past and we’re rushing to the most important people-focused part”. On the subject of the start-up space within recruitment and HR, Amy tells us that most start-ups fail because they

“Haven’t actually provided a service and they haven’t actually solved a problem.”

When we address the mixed experiences of candidates in relation to recruitment agencies, and that being the reason tech platforms are needed, Amy agrees that there is a “low barrier to entry” however, she believes there is a “high bar to stay” – and that differentiates the best recruitment and talent acquisition professionals.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Amy talk about:


  • Managing Hiring Manager expectations
  • Why is there a recruitment agency bias?
  • Considering team dynamics when hiring
  • What’s the impact of not training your recruitment team?
  • Information sourcing and the need for better data
  • Pros and cons of incentivising candidates

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