Managing Hiring Managers | @OndrejProch on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Dec 4, 2018

Ondřej Procházka almost never made it in recruiting.

He almost quit our industry but was recruited just in time and the rest, as they say, is history. His experience has brought him to Facebook where he’s recruiting engineering talent. During his visit to our show, he shared what makes recruiting engineers at Facebook so special; a lesson on managing hiring managers for everyone.

As you all know by now, hiring engineering talent is extremely challenging in this market. Even more so when you don’t have your hiring manager on board. Luckily for Ondřej, Facebook gives sourcing teams full-access to the teams they hire for.

“Here at Facebook, you get to be really exposed to stakeholders and engineering managers. We work together as partners to learn from each other instead of making enemies of each other. We don’t waste their time.”

Ondřej says it’s critical to understand exactly what the job entails and the hiring manager is the ultimate resource. “No one knows the job better than them.” That’s why learning the nuance of the role from them also contributes to the success of the partnership.

In fact, there are many seemingly small things that can make working with a hiring manager more efficient.

Ondřej suggests the following:

  1. Kick-off every search with a conversation. Do not begin hiring until you have sat down, 1 to 1 and discussed what is most critical about that role. “That will prevent candidate and hiring manager disappointment down the road.”
  2. Work with hiring managers to build the interview experience using reviews. “Don’t ignore what people are saying on Glassdoor about your interview process. Look at the feedback with the hiring manager and use that intel to build a better experience.
  3. Give the hiring manager credit. They are the reason candidates want to work at your company (or at least they should be). Encourage them to build relationships.
  4. Put the hiring manager out front. During outreach for niche roles, have the hiring manager do custom outreach.

If that wasn’t enough, below Ondřej’s shares more:

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