Finally, Hiring Manager Advice That Works | @JanTegze on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | May 23, 2018

There’s no quick fix for recruiting

In recent days, it seems like everyone is stuck on what machines will bring. From vendors selling their quick “fix” for recruiting (which isn’t needed, says Tegze) to the perplexed looks from practitioners, it seems like everyone is on the AI bandwagon. Someone is always trying to pitch AI this, machine learning that. But the future, says our guest this week Jan Tegze, Senior Recruiting Manager at SolarWinds and Author of Full Stack Recruiter, isn’t about a perfect future or technology. It’s about better communication – with your hiring manager, your candidates and your teams.

Early on in Tegze’s career, he wasn’t the best communicator.

“People would ask if they could help and I would say “hell no.”

Like so many, he was driven and assumed he could just “figure it out” and the rest would fall into place. Unfortunately, he hit a wall.

“Just because you know all the strategy doesn’t mean you can get someone to apply.”

That hard-learned lesson became a reflection point in his career.

Creating a play book

From that point forward, Tegze made an effort to track the solutions he found most effective for his book, Full Stack Recruiter. As he compiled his out of the box methods, he wanted to create a play book of sorts to teach people beginning to end how to be more effective in sourcing and marketing roles. He boils down his advice so far as to explain how text and colour will influence people based on their group.

His lessons, though, are not just for sourcers and recruiters. Tegze believes it’s absolutely critical to not only master search but to build a good relationship with the hiring manager.

Here is Jan Tegze’s advice for managing your hiring manager:

  • Build a relationship, not a recruiting education. “It’s not about teaching hiring managers, it’s about how to include them into the process.
  • Include your hiring manager in outreach. “Candidates like it more when the hiring manager is the one reaching out.”
  • Use data. Show the hiring manager the pipeline to explain how things work. This is, according to Tegze, the most effective way to work together.

From hiring managers to why AI isn’t solving problems yet, the entire theme of our conversation with Tegze boiled down to communication. It was the one key whether the recruiting challenge was in the context of tech, personal development or building a community. His ability to communicate his advice, coach the sourcing community and build others is exactly why I’m so excited to see him at SourceCon in a few short weeks.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Jan share more:-

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