5 Minutes On: Feedback & Risk Aversion

by | Sep 3, 2020

Feedback, what happens when you won’t give it?

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Hello, everybody, it’s Katrina Collier, again with another five minutes for you. And thank you so much for all of the feedback I got yesterday, it was quite a personal little five minutes and actually it inspired quite a few women to take action. So if you haven’t seen it, please go and revisit that one.

Today, I want to talk to you about risk aversion and feedback. Of course, I’ve been ranting about ghosting, and this is actually quite related to that.

Do you know what even for me to do these videos it’s, exhales.. I did feel quite a bit of risk. I do get quite nervous before them, which is crazy because you’ve been seeing me on The #SocialRecruiting Show every week for nearly five years. So it would seem crazy and, I stand on stage and all that, but we are naturally risk-averse. Our egos are designed to keep us small to keep us inside our comfort zone. And actually the magic happens outside …now I know that’s a cliche.

But fantastic example this week on the Mastermind pod. Claire, one of the members was talking about, we were talking about adaptability, that’s what we’ve been focussed on, like we haven’t had enough of that this pandemic! But we were looking back over the month and she was saying she went kayaking. And for her that was really nerve-racking and actually she ended up going backwards down a rapid, falling out and all sorts of stuff. But she kept going. And she was literally exhilarated. She was like, thrilled afterwards, that was the feeling that came from that.

Then yesterday, when I was presenting at Global TA Day, thank you to Mike Cohen and Jim Schneider and Craig Fisher and everyone else behind the scenes that made that happen, thank you for the invite. Appreciate it. Erin Peterson asked this great question. I was ranting, can you imagine ;), about ghosting and feedback and how important it is. Because actually take James Ellis’s quote, feedback is your payment for somebody’s time at interview, so I feel it’s very, very important. Anyway, she asked me the question, what do you do if your compliance and risk won’t allow you to give feedback? Interesting question, hey? It is so so important that you feedback. And if you feel that you can’t, you’re not allowed, for some reason, which is probably the litigation culture, which is certainly prevalent in the US, actually, very much so in Australia now as well, my home, my home country, a little less so here in the UK. But if you’re concerned about that, I recommend you gather your evidence.

Now if you’re not giving feedback to people, so in other words, you’re disappearing. It’s going to be in Glassdoor interview reviews, it’s going to be Indeed reviews, you’ll probably find it on Twitter, you’ll find it elsewhere, people will be complaining about the fact that they’re not getting feedback. In fact, it’s probably on LinkedIn as well. You could probably do a content search and find where people are complaining about the fact they’re not getting feedback from the interview. I would recommend you gather all of that information and how detrimental that’s been to your employer brand and your candidate experience, and you take that into Compliance and Risk and say, okay, we need to find a way that we can deliver this. Now, it could be you grabbing my gorgeous friend Sue Ingram who is fantastic at taking difficult conversations and giving you the tools you need to deliver them, she actually calls them generous conversation actually needs some training on how to deliver it, perhaps you need to join the Mastermind pod to up your human skills. As you can see, (I knew I was gonna do that the wrong way) Pod 3 launches on the 30th of September. But you need to go in with the evidence that you need to deliver it and then you need to get the help you need to make sure that you do it in such a way that you don’t become like, Oh, it’s going to be a risk to the company.

But people deserve that feedback. Imagine the difference that could make to someone’s career. Imagine if it was? “Well the way you explained that project just wasn’t quite good enough, and if you just been a bit, you know, more confident in giving the information well you’d have sailed through to the next round.” So I definitely think you need to gather the evidence and just show how important it is. You need to get outside. that comfort zone. You know, we all have it. We’re wanting to keep small, even though we know actually we should grow all the time. But it’s all of our filters, all of our experiences, keeping us small.

And this is also one of the reasons that I’ve switched to running the Mastermind and doing Facilitation is because it allows you to come up with the change. That’s why coaching is so fantastic. That’s why I work with my coach Roderick Lambert, and I’ve worked with Michelle Zelli in the past. It’s getting you to come up with it, which is so much more powerful. So it’s the same for you to go, Okay, I’ve got to do this, but I’ve got this problem. Okay, let’s go in with the evidence. Let’s get them to come up with how they’re going to fix that.

I hope that’s making sense. I feel like I’m rambling a little bit my five minutes this morning. I will be back tomorrow. Definitely going back to the ghosting one. Because I had some amazing feedback that I really, really want to share with you, because this went really fast. And of course, don’t forget to catch The #SocialRecruiting Show later. We’re actually going live today, rather than on Fridays, we’ve switched to Thursday. So I hope to see you later for that as well. We’re having an awesome conversation about career change. Anyway, thank you for your five minutes!

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