The Truth About Diversity | @KimTheJ on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Jun 10, 2020

Listen to her words about Diversity

I usually write this blog post to provide you (potentially interested listeners or viewers) with context for the show. I then offer a few tantalising quotes from the guest in the hope of motivating you ‘Watch or Listen Again’. This week is different. I am going to ask you to watch or listen to the show again because my words won’t do Kimberly Jones’ words on diversity the justice they deserve. You need to hear it from her!

We are in a period of our history where we need to stay alert, educate ourselves and listen to everything that is happening around us, locally and globally – this will allow us to continue to take positive and meaningful action as human beings and as Recruitment and HR practitioners.

Social and political issues impact HR and recruitment community through the people we are and the people we support; sometimes the correlation isn’t visible, sometimes it’s very visible. Black Lives Matter is a very visible and important movement and the conversation it continues to spark will define us for many decades to come. The challenge for us as human beings and HR and recruitment professionals is this – what side of history do we want to be on? – the side of meaningful change, liberation, and equality or the side that supports a legacy of suppression, intolerance, and segregation.

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